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Cloud Infrastructure Services - A CIO's Guide

Cloud Infrastructure Services in 2014 - A CIO's Guide

Why Cloud Infrastructure Services hold the key to delivering New Opportunities for the Business in 2014

The challenges facing CIO's over the last decade have been well documented. Those in the role have been called upon to facilitate transformational change and make their organisations more agile. In striving to meet this expanded brief, many have pulled out all the stops to develop a deeper understanding of the business and it's diverse needs. But challenges remain, not least in legacy investments and outdated skill-sets within IT departments. Together, these pressures are forcing CIOs to rethink their infrastructure strategies at a fundamental level.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Why cloud based infrastructure services are rising up the CIO agenda
  • Ways that CIOs can reassert their authority as architects of business-enabling technology
  • How CIOs can make space in their agenda for more strategic thinking

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