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Cloud Services - Mobile & Remote Working

An Overview of Cloud Services for today’s SME

Cloud Services, which are IT Solutions and Services delivered and consumed real time over the Internet, have now become an integral part of daily operations for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
The ‘workplace’ is no longer a fixed location - remote, mobile and flexible working is now commonplace. But it’s the growing use of Cloud Services that are often the engines behind making this happen. Real time collaboration with colleagues, customers and suppliers – without the IT headache or capital costs.
SME’s are leading the charge in the adoption of Cloud Services, and studies show that this is resulting in higher productivity and revenues.
This White Paper looks at some key areas in which Cloud Services are being used, but also highlights the risks and potential drawbacks that decision makers need to be aware of.
-  Introduction
-  Office Productivity
-  Hosted CRM
-  Cloud Storage & Backup
-  Cloud based E-mail Solutions
-  Collaboration & Project Management Solutions
-  Conclusion

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