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Running a technology platform for the business

Running a technology platform for the business

Is your organisations approach to computing becoming too costly and inflexible to meet current business needs?
Are you still looking at particular applications for specific areas, or maybe running one application per server and platforms engineered for peak usage? These are now considered old-style approaches to computing.
A new approach is needed - one where future states can be rapidly modelled to identify what impact there will be on the business directly, on the cost of running a new technology platform for the business and where workloads should be placed in order to best meet the needs of the business.
This white paper covers:
-  The big IT problem
-  The changing face of IT
-  The business, its needs and its risk profile
-  Model, predict and advise
-  Conclusions.

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Posted: 15-Mar-2011 Format: PDF Length: 9 pages Activity: 4960 views

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