IT Infrastructure for Data Centric Mortgage Industry

Reliability of IT infrastructure is mission critical to Data-Centric Mortgage industry

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | Dan Blacharski

The mortgage and lending industry has faced major challenges over the past decade, not the least of which is the mortgage crisis, increasing reliance on unstable derivative instruments, and loss of confidence in major Wall Street players. Politics and financial gaming aside though, the mortgage industry faces another major challenge, and that is the need to leverage modern technology to the greatest extent possible. 
The recent "robo-signing" debacle illustrates the need. Massive amounts of paperwork, and not enough staff to keep up with the flow, led the US mortgage industry to rubber-stamp mortgage foreclosure documentation without exercising due diligence. The solution may well lie in part in greater oversight and audit on the part of management, and targeted regulation by government. But beyond that, the solution is the same as it is in all industries: business process automation, re-evaluating processes and procedures, and implementation of technology. On the technology front, eLynx whose SaaS offering is focused solely on delivering these solutions to the mortgage industry, needed a robust and highly available infrastructure platform to help them meet their customers growing demands. After considering multiple solutions eLynx chose to deploy Egenera’s infrastructure automation software, PAN Manager to give them the confidence in their networks ability to deliver unparalleled reliability.
eLynx's major challenge was providing services to an industry that relies heavily on availability. Any downtime is unacceptable—particularly due to the combination of customer demand and government regulation.
eLynx, widely used throughout the mortgage industry, is used to capture and maintain electronic data. Addressing the entire document lifecycle, it is an ideal solution for paperwork-intense processes with complex workflows. To achieve its lofty goal of providing secure, always available services to its customers, eLynx required a platform for providing rapid transaction processing. The mortgage industry is not only highly competitive, it is also dependent on a robust transaction processing environment that can scale, handle demand spikes, and will remain secure. eLynx, when searching for a platform on which to build its SaaS offering, searched for an infrastructure that was scalable, available, reliable, and included disaster recovery capability. Solutions such as VMware solved some, but not all of their needs. And of course, because of the SaaS model, in addition to scalability, reliability and disaster recovery, the infrastructure would also have to support their multi-tenant requirements.
eLynx deployed Egenera’s PAN Manager, running on a Dell M1000 blade chassis and a Dell/EMC storage area network. PAN Manager is based on the concept of a Processing Area Network. The PAN system, which is stateless, does not locally maintain any server-specific or application-specific information; rather, all application images, OS and firmware resides on the SAN. This creates an intelligent fabric, which transmits network traffic throughout the PAN system, ensuring high performance and secure communication paths.
Using this strategy allowed eLynx to establish a high level of performance, while also realizing major cost savings. Building on this infrastructure, eLynx's software-as-a-service was able to deliver the reliability and availability their customers required.


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