Storage costs are 'a big part of desktop virtualization expenditure'

News Article - Thursday, 26 May 2011 13:07

Category: Hosting

Storage infrastructure is a key - and often costly - aspect of successful desktop virtualization that requires a good level of IT management.

According to Citrix, companies need to be well aware of the storage implications that virtualization projects have.

Natalie Lambert, director of product marketing, enterprise applications and desktops at the firm, said: "Storage infrastructure and costs are a large part of any desktop virtualization implementation, and thus it is critical that IT manage these resources to ensure a successful rollout."

She added that businesses are often encouraged by desktop virtualization vendors to adopt a unified approach when it comes to storage infrastructure, but claimed that this was no longer necessary thanks to the cutting-edge developments taking place in the virtualization software markets.

Ms Lambert said that the "decoupling" of the virtual infrastructure from the underlying hardware makes virtualization much more adaptable and cost effective - as legacy equipment can be accommodated.

Desktop virtualization is also seen as a good way for firms to bolster their business continuity provision, according to SunGard UK.

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