Server and desktop virtualization puts pressure on networks

News Article - Tuesday, 19 April 2011 14:38

Category: Hosting

Businesses need to make sure that their virtualization service provider's network can cope with the high demand placed on it by a virtual desktop environment.

According to Interop general manager Lenny Heymann, server virtualization and desktop virtualization have surged in popularity in recent years.

He claimed that despite the ascent of the technology, networking - particularly the infrastructure side of things - has fallen behind and businesses need to be sure that their service provider can deliver what they promise in terms of network performance.

Speaking at the Interop 2011 conference, Heymann was reported by Network World as saying: "We need to look at how networks respond to some of these changes that have really swept through the market.

"There were changes in the data centre around cloud computing and virtualization that have put pressure on networks and there are some changes that need to be made."

In particular, Heymann claimed that virtual machine management and the effective apportioning of resources were key concerns for the server and desktop virtualization market to address.

Recently, industry expert Julie Knudson told that desktop virtualization solutions need to be tailored to individual clients' needs if they are to meet companies' expectations.

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