Microsoft Spruces up .Net for the Cloud

News Article - Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:56

By: Kerry Butters Category: Hosting

This year’s TechEd 2014 conference has put the minds of many developers at rest as Microsoft has announced that .Net will continue playing a role. The software company announced that the technology will be "spruced up” to reflect the modern web and will be aimed at server-side applications and the cloud.

The announcement was made on Monday at the conference  which is being held in North America this week. In recent years Microsoft has concentrated on pushing JavaScript and web technologies for Windows apps, as well as a renewed emphasis on C++ , rather than .Net, leading many developers to fear that the emphasis was being taken away from the technology.

"On the cloud and on servers, the future of .Net is about the modern web," Microsoft developer VP "Soma" Somasegar wrote in a blog post .

"Our goal is for the next version of .Net to be the first and only framework designed for the cloud, helping you to create on-premises applications and move them to the cloud with no changes and at the same time leveraging all the power of the cloud."

The new initiative is to be known as ".NetvNext” and this will include a "cloud optimised (sic) mode” which is a slimmed down version that takes out unnecessary scripts which are not needed for server-side deployment.

The "next big announcement” also included news of ASP.NetvNext, which was designed specifically with the cloud in mind. This will automatically adjust the behaviour of certain services depending on how they are running, in a traditional environment or in the cloud.

"We use dependency injection behind the scenes to provide your app with the correct implementation for these services," the .Net team said.

"Using this approach, it is really easy to move your app from on-premises to the cloud, since our code changes, not yours."

There will also be improvements to numerous APIs and the new platform will be integrated with the new compiler platform. Microsoft has also said that it will release all of the new .Net technologies as open source.

"We'll share much more in the months to come before we release the final versions," the .Net team said .

"We're looking forward to shipping pre-release versions in order to get your feedback."

The TechEd conference runs until Thursday May 15 and interested parties can watch proceedings live on the TechEd website . TechEd Europe is due to be held in Barcelona on October 28-31 2014 and you can register your interest now on the TechEd Europe site .

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