End-users are frustrated by slow IT infrastructure

News Article - Monday, 03 October 2011 12:28

Category: Hosting

The biggest workplace irritation for many IT end-users is slow, unresponsive computing systems - an issue that is being addressed by an increased uptake of mobile working practices. According to a recent survey conducted by the Work Foundation at Samsung, a poll that covered some 1,500 employees, slow IT systems were found to be a cause for concern for 68 per cent of those quizzed.

In particular, staff reported getting frustrated with delays caused by outmoded infrastructure. Commenting on the figures from the Samsung study, Wilson Wong, senior researcher at the Work Foundation, said that old computer systems can be "hugely annoying".

"Two-thirds of the organisations sampled mentioned IT and their IT tools falling down as a major irritant," he added.

However, while mobile and remote working seems to be relieving the pressure on aging infrastructure solutions, some firms are still wary of the relatively-new technology. "More tricky is whether managers feel comfortable with remote or flexible working - [there are] issues of trust," Mr Wong concluded.

Recently, Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of IP security specialist the Wick Hill Group, claimed that adding mobile to the mix can put additional pressure on existing IT security and so should be considered carefully.

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