Cloud standards 'are progressing rapidly'

News Article - Friday, 04 November 2011 10:37

Category: Hosting

Fixed standards for cloud computing security and management are progressing rapidly as more organisations adopt the technology, it has been claimed. IT infrastructure specialist Terremark recently suggested that many large cloud computing adopters are to be found in the Open Data Centre Alliance (ODCA) and they are pushing forward with a variety of solutions - including internal cloud environments.

Speaking to the Financial Times, chair of the ODCA and Terremark's chief strategy officer Marvin Wheeler suggested that despite the vast differences between individual solutions, a standard set of cloud security and management guidelines was coming together thanks to collaboration within the data centre industry.

He noted that the openness of both adopters and service providers was helping to "deliver open, interoperable cloud solutions".

Earlier this year, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) called for a set of cloud computing standards to be created by the industry. The organisation noted that interoperability and data portability was the key to the success of the IT infrastructure platform.

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