Citrix overhauls server virtualization solution

News Article - Tuesday, 11 October 2011 13:16

Category: Hosting

Server virtualization specialist Citrix has overhauled its flagship XenServer 6 product, boosting both scalability and performance in the process. A number of improvements, including the integration of the firm's Open vSwitch technology, are aimed at optimising cloud service delivery.

XenServer 6 also incorporates various desktop virtualization enhancements - including optimised end-user experience within its virtual desktop environments, with a greater reliance on graphical applications and networking tools.

The changes will allow for the central management of real graphic user interfaces, which can then be pooled and adapted amongst a firm's virtual desktop end-users. Citrix has also streamlined the installation and management of virtual components and continues to champion its "ten mintues to Xen" roll-out. Central to this swift deployment is an effective automation suite.

In an official statement, Citrix claimed: "Rather than attempting to force-fit cloud capabilities into existing server virtualization architectures, XenServer addresses these challenges by delivering a highly-resilient, cloud-optimized and easily customized virtual platform."

Recently, Citrix partnered with VMware to make significant improvements to its XenDesktop offering, which now allows for desktop streaming over wide area networks (WAN).

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