40% of Workers Never Heard of Virtualization, according to Cisco Study

News Article - Friday, 19 July 2013 11:14

By: Kerry Butters Category: Hosting

A new study by Cisco mConcierge partners has found that 40% of workers have never heard of the term virtualization, including IT personnel.

53% of those that don’t work in IT have never heard anything about the technology and just 34% think that the company they work for uses virtualization. Worse, 80% of top-level executives have no idea whether using virtualization solutions would benefit their company or not.

Bearing this in mind, it’s no real surprise that the study  also found that lack of awareness is the main barrier to using server and desktop virtualization. Of those who considered themselves "very familiar” with the technology, just 27% expressed any doubts as to its usefulness.

Those who considered themselves to have "advanced computer knowledge” had no concerns as to the benefits of virtualization.

However, despite being unaware of the technology behind it, it was found that 46% of workers can access their work desktop from any device and this was considered important to their job by 74% of those.

"The findings of this survey point to an increasingly large disconnect between the IT community and their employees,” Cisco said.

Whilst many people are aware of popular technology trends such as the term ‘the cloud’ and even BYOD, it seems that recognition of virtualization remains low.

"The basic misunderstanding by the general public about how virtualization works and what its benefits are stands as a major hindrance (sic) to widespread adoption of server and desktop virtualization,” the study said.

In order to prompt better understanding amongst employees, Cisco recommend that CIOs and IT managers host informational sessions to educate workers about the technology.

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