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Hosted Application

Hosted Application: An Internet-based or Web-based application software program that runs on a remote server and can be accessed via an Internet-connected PC or thin client. (Source:

Cloud Services - Mobile & Remote Working

Section: Research
  Cloud Services, which are IT Solutions and Services delivered and consumed real time over the Internet, have now become an integral part of daily operations for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).   The ‘workplace’ is no longer a fixed location - remote, mobile and flexible working is now co ...   read more

What Your Competitors Would Rather You Didn't Know About Managed Hosting

Section: Research
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are increasingly moving their IT hosting off-site to professional data centre facilities. Motivated by benefits that include reduced business risk and lower costs, those who have sought greater security and performance from a trusted third party aren’t generally broadcasting this migration to their competitors.   This white paper discusses what your competitors would rather you didn't know about managed hosting and cov ...   read more

Trust and Security in the Cloud

Section: Research
The delivery of cloud based application functionality via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model frequently sparks a vigorous debate on security-related concerns. It is common to hear IT professionals question whether service providers can be trusted to look after critical and confidential business data. But while the concerns may be real, are they justified or is it a case of being wary of the unknown while overlooking the shortcomings of internal systems? This r ...   read more

Evolution of Hosted Server Computing

Section: Research
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is increasingly being talked about in the industry. Could this be of much benefit to your company? Find out more about meeting your server computing needs through the use of hosted infrastructure rather than by installing and running equipment in your own data centre or computer room.   Th ...   read more

Disaster Recovery in European SMBs

Section: Research
This research report looks at the attitudes of small and mid-sized organisations (with 50 to 250, and 250 to 1000 employees respectively), to disaster recovery (DR), and the role that various IT solutions play. The input was gathered via telephone interviews with 160 small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) across the United Kingdom, France and Germany (see Appendix A for more details).  "Disaster recovery? is a term widely marketed by IT ven ...   read more

Adobe reacts to Creative Cloud criticism

Section: News
Following the announcement earlier this month that Adobe will be moving all of its software products into cloud-based subscription models, the company have come in for plenty of criticism. However, whilst the company has now announced upcoming changes due to customer feedback, it still won’t be offering boxed software. However, there will be changes to address difficulties that photographers have with the change, with Adobe saying that they need a "more tailored offering that ...   read more