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Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation: Server consolidation is an approach to the efficient usage of computer server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers or server locations that an organization requires. (Source:

Server Virtualization Buyer's Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

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Server Virtualization can dramatically change an IT departments typical workload - and free up time and talent to be devoted to strategic initiatives that can help drive profitability.  This 2011 buyer's guide will help you to understand the key benefits of Server Virtualization for small and medium businesses.   The following areas are covered:   -  Introduction -  Why SMBs cho ...   read more

Server Virtualisation Scale-Up

Section: Research
Many organisations have gained initial experience with server virtualisation, but what can we learn about the practicalities of scaling up from those taking implementation to the next level?  This report by Freeform Dynamics covers the following topics:   -  Introduction -  Server Consolidation and Virtualisation -  Server Hardware Refresh Cycles -  Virtualisation Usage and Projections
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7 Points a Business Manager should know about Server Virtualization

Section: Research
If you are a business manager and are wondering whether server virtualization savings can be applied in your organisation, then this document will assist you.   Server virtualization is proven to reduce server-related IT costs by more than 30%. Business and IT Managers from small to large enterprises are reaping significant cost benefits through the magic of server virtualization. This document will help facilitate an informed deci ...   read more

40% of Workers Never Heard of Virtualization, according to Cisco Study

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A new study by Cisco mConcierge partners has found that 40% of workers have never heard of the term virtualization, including IT personnel. 53% of those that don’t work in IT have never heard anything about the technology and just 34% think that the company they work for uses virtualization. Worse, 80% of top-level executives have no idea whether using virtualization solutions would benefit their company or not. Bearing this in mind, it’s no real surprise that   read more

Virtualization helps companies boost infrastructure utilisation

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Virtualization technologies are helping firms to use their infrastructure more effectively, according to Gartner research director Jon Hardcastle. The IT infrastructure expert believes that virtualization is allowing businesses to achieve their aims while limiting overall system growth. Placeholder0He claimed that this is partly down to the fact that data centres - and in particular cloud storage technologies - are getting much more efficient. "Higher system deployment den ...   read more

Why SMBs Choose Server Virtualization

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There are many reasons why SMBs choose to virtualize their servers, but one of the biggest reasons is to get more performance out of their existing server resources. It’s no secret in the IT world that servers are often underutilised – some server utilisation rates are as low as 5-15 percent. When considering the rising costs of data centres, many SMBs are starting to ask why they can’t get more efficiency out of their server space.   In addition to the inefficiency, another draw ...   read more