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Data Centre

Data Centre: A data center (or data centre or datacentre or datacenter) is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. (Source: Wikipedia)

Cloud, Managed Hosting, Colo or In-house?

Section: Research
The decision to outsource or in-source data centre services is not one taken lightly. Just as organisations felt they had figured out what to outsource and what to keep in-house, cloud computing has fuelled renewed interest in outsourcing, resulting in enterprises reassessing their IT service sourcing strategies. This white paper provides some important considerations when deciding on data centre services and covers the following: < ...   read more

What Your Competitors Would Rather You Didn't Know About Managed Hosting

Section: Research
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are increasingly moving their IT hosting off-site to professional data centre facilities. Motivated by benefits that include reduced business risk and lower costs, those who have sought greater security and performance from a trusted third party aren’t generally broadcasting this migration to their competitors.   This white paper discusses what your competitors would rather you didn't know about managed hosting and cov ...   read more

Cloud Computing in the Public Sector

Section: Research
Governments around the world have been looking at how best to reduce functional redundancy through the concept of "shared services” where different departments share a single source of function. This report looks at the promise and issues of cloud computing today in the Public Sector, along with the direction cloud needs to take in order to fulfil on its promise. The following topics are covered: -  The public sector in 2011 and beyond ...   read more

Running a technology platform for the business

Section: Research
Is your organisations approach to computing becoming too costly and inflexible to meet current business needs?   Are you still looking at particular applications for specific areas, or maybe running one application per server and platforms engineered for peak usage? These are now considered old-style approaches to computing.   A new approach is needed - one where future states can be rapidly modelled to identify what ...   read more

The New Virtualised Data Centre

Section: Research
This white paper draws together a collection of articles looking at the various aspects of creating a strategy for a flexible and effective data centre - as a platform to carry the business forward.   The articles include:   -  The new virtualised data centre -  The virtual data centre - it's a jungle out there -  In a virtual space, the physical matters - ...   read more

Cloud and Storage - The way ahead

Section: Research
Today people are slowly becoming aware that the term Cloud does not describe a single offering but is rather used to conveniently refer to a broad range of solutions. In addition the term is now being used in both the context of solutions residing inside the data centre or outside the business entirely. This research explores the considerations an organisation should take as they look at external cloud and storage and also questions what is the reality behind Cloud and ...   read more

Next Generation Datacentres Index

Section: Research
This report details a 9 region research project looking at how well positioned datacentre facilities were to be able to provide a flexible, sustainable platform to support the strategic aims of a business.   The report also creates a set of indices that show how various regions, vertical industries and sizes of organisations are positioned when looking at how well their datacentres can support the organisation dependent on the technology platform. ...   read more

7 Points a Business Manager should know about Server Virtualization

Section: Research
If you are a business manager and are wondering whether server virtualization savings can be applied in your organisation, then this document will assist you.   Server virtualization is proven to reduce server-related IT costs by more than 30%. Business and IT Managers from small to large enterprises are reaping significant cost benefits through the magic of server virtualization. This document will help facilitate an informed deci ...   read more

A Buyers Guide to Cloud Services

Section: Research
In the UK today over 50 per cent of organisations have formally utilised at least one Cloud service and satisfaction levels relating to that experience grew to an astonishing 96 per cent by the end of 2011. Furthermore, 85 per cent of IT Executives stated that they now formally considered Cloud as a viable option for delivering new IT projects within their wider IT strategy, signalling that the technical model has established a mainstream status among the profession. What ...   read more

Backup Solutions for SMBs: Tape vs. the Cloud

Section: Research
Tape backup has been the traditional method for routine backup and archival data storage. The decreasing price of hard disks however, has many businesses switching to disk backup or a combination of tape and disk. But local disk backups suffer from many of the same issues as tape. In addition to high hardware and administration costs, neither tape nor disk will provide disaster recovery unless they are stored off-site. Moving backups off-site increases risks in terms of security and comp ...   read more

Next Generation Datacentres Research

Section: Research
Following on from the first cycle of research carried out in February 2011, this next generation datacentre research covered 10 regions to identify what progress organisations have made in preparing to adapt to new IT architectures and approaches to computing. In this paper, learn from these research findings that even under highly constrained economic conditions, there has been investment in datacentres that shows distinct benefits to the business. However, m ...   read more

Six Ways to Save Energy in Your Data Centre

Section: Research
As energy becomes more expensive and the demands put on computing resources continues to rise, businesses are looking hard at their data centre and IT power consumption and trying to find ways to lower the burn.    Whether a company is considering a data centre upgrade due to outdated and inefficient hardware or thinking about a green-field design and deployment, energy usage needs to be one of the key business considerations addressed when modernising your data centre.. ...   read more

A Short Guide to Running Secure and Resilient Data Centres for Mid-Sized Businesses

Section: Research
Companies have to remain competitive, but the recent years of prosperity have made this less of a driving need in many industries. Most organisations think they can outperform their rivals, and many believe that their approach to IT can play a significant part in this. There is a link between the performance and capabilities of the IT function and overall business performance, but not everybody is aware of this, or takes advantage of it. Companies that believe they are growing have a more m ...   read more

Server Virtualization - 2 Minute Explanation

Section: Research Video
An animated elevator pitch on the three types of server virtualization and their benefits. ...   read more

The IT Profit Centre

Section: Research
The day-to-day job of fixing recurring problems with all the network end-points that constitute a business’s IT infrastructure, whether they are in the data centre, the office or out in the field, can make the lives of those in the IT department a repetitive grind. How can they get out of this break/fix cycle to the sunny uplands of creating new value for the users they serve? This research paper covers the following topics: -  Introduction – Earth’s tens ...   read more

5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Section: Articles
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is at the core of the cloud, making up its most powerful and complex layer. It’s no wonder then that most cloud spending today is being distributed in the IaaS arena, where Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) are offering IT managers access to services that look and act like real physical servers. Rather than spend on the costly maintenance of legacy servers, IT managers can now repurpose development time towards revenue-generating applications through the c ...   read more

Cloud computing risk factors Part 2: The bogeymen continue

Section: Articles
Cloud computing risk factors, both real and imagined, continue to lurk around every corner. But rather than running in the opposite direction as fast as one possibly can, the more appropriate response is to acknowledge that there are risk factors in the cloud, as there are with any other business computing model; to weigh those risks against potential rewards, and to exercise due diligence and best practices in mitigating those risks.     &n ...   read more

Cloud computing risk factors, and the real and imaginary bogeymen that lurk in data centres

Section: Articles
Nearly every company, from one-person startups to FTSE 100 enterprises, either has an active cloud strategy or is at least considering one. The maturity of the technology and robustness of cloud data centre offerings has overcome most irrational fears of the cloud and the technology has earned its place in the canon of acceptable business practices. Excitement abounds over the prospect of lowered or nonexistent capital expenditure, the ability to roll out a p ...   read more

Deploying Cloud in the Enterprise

Section: Articles
 The risks and rewards of the cloud have long been analysed, and cloud has moved beyond the "proof of concept" stage to become a viable business model within the enterprise. But as a business model, cloud is disruptive. It changes key processes, alters strategi ...   read more

Do IT professionals still have their heads in the clouds?

Section: Articles
According to a survey of IT professionals, yes, they do. At this point in the evolution of the increasingly pervasive dotcloud boom, the discussion has changed from whether to move to the cloud, to how to implement the cloud. Among those CTOs surveyed, scalability, elasticity, and the need to accommodate fluct ...   read more

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