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Co-location: A server, usually a Web server, that is located at a dedicated facility designed with resources which include a secured cage or cabinet, regulated power, dedicated Internet connection, security and support. These co-location facilities offer the customer a secure place to physically house their hardware and equipment as opposed to locating it in their offices or warehouse where the potential for fire, theft or vandalism is much greater. (Source: Webopedia)

Cloud, Managed Hosting, Colo or In-house?

Section: Research
The decision to outsource or in-source data centre services is not one taken lightly. Just as organisations felt they had figured out what to outsource and what to keep in-house, cloud computing has fuelled renewed interest in outsourcing, resulting in enterprises reassessing their IT service sourcing strategies. This white paper provides some important considerations when deciding on data centre services and covers the following: < ...   read more

Life After Cloud Computing

Section: Research
This research looks ahead of the latest IT industry developments of cloud computing and how a variety of cloud deployment models can be considered when looking at how best to fulfil a particular requirement.   The research also considers if cloud computing could be a more service-centric approach, brought about by the challenging of IT’s historical obsession with technology, and enabled by more choice and flexibility. ...   read more

Cloud computing risk factors Part 2: The bogeymen continue

Section: Articles
Cloud computing risk factors, both real and imagined, continue to lurk around every corner. But rather than running in the opposite direction as fast as one possibly can, the more appropriate response is to acknowledge that there are risk factors in the cloud, as there are with any other business computing model; to weigh those risks against potential rewards, and to exercise due diligence and best practices in mitigating those risks.     &n ...   read more

Private clouds without the capex - Housing your private cloud within a public cloud

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It should come as no surprise that it is possible to have a private cloud within a public cloud infrastructure, in much the same way as we have virtual private networks (VPNs) over the public Internet. The most common unschooled view of the cloud is unfortunately one of confusion, with the belief that it is an amorphous collection of compute resources at an indistinct group of third party sites. That definition more closely resembles the Internet itself, however.  Before addressing p ...   read more

To Insource or Outsource Data Centre Services?

Section: Articles
Questions of whether to outsource or in-source data centre services are today heavily influenced by the allure of cloud computing, which has transformed the way businesses now think about outsourcing. In light of today’s complex, hybrid, and multifaceted data centre services landscape, how should organisations approach the critical decision of whether to outsource or insource data centre services?   All good data centre infrastructure evolves from careful anal ...   read more

A Colocation Buyer’s Guide

Section: Research
Colocation is a physical facilities option for your IT Infrastructure. Under a colocation scenario, your IT assets are placed in a service provider’s facility (next to or "co-located with” the assets of other organisations), giving you the ability to take advantage of shared power Infrastructure, HVAC systems, physical security and redundant architecture.   You essentially lease space for your IT assets while maintaining ownership and control of those a ...   read more