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Hyper-V: Codenamed "Viridian" but given the the formal name of Hyper-V, it is a hypervisor-based Windows server virtualization platform that is included as a role of Windows Server 2008. Hyper-V enables you to consolidate workloads onto a single physical server using a broad range of services ranging from resource-intensive services like Microsoft SQL Server to third-party applications that may run on previous versions of Windows or Linux. (Source: Webopedia)

Server Virtualisation: On Premise, In-the-Cloud or Hybrid?

Section: Research
With over 70% of SMB’s embracing virtualization in some form, the need for a cohesive, well thought out strategy is crucial so as to avoid common and costly mistakes. This White Paper explores the: •  Four key elements of a server virtualization strategy •  Business goals and how they will impact strategy •  Public Vs On-Site Private Cloud Vs Outsourced Private Cloud Vs Hybrid •  What to watch out ...   read more

Compare Server Virtualization Vendors

Section: Research
This research compares 6 major server virtualization vendors (VMWare, Microsoft, Parallels, Citrix, Oracle and Redhat) on more than 20 important criteria. The comparison will start with generic parameters like company size, market share, etc. Then the document moves onto the core virtualization and integration features which will help identify the vendor’s relevancy to your organisation’s IT architecture and existing setup. The comparison table will then go furt ...   read more

Virtualization Vendors Comparison

Section: Research
This guide will save you time by comparing six Virtualisation vendors side-by-side.  Vendors include VMWare, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Citrix and Parallels. The following areas are covered: -  Company Size -  Solution Types -  Flagship Product(s) -  Costs -  Hypervisor -  Scalability -  Extended Management -  Common criteria and security certification -  Pros a ...   read more

How Microsoft’s Hyper-V Stands Up Against VMware’s vSphere

Section: Research
Since the debut of the company in 1999, the name VMware has been synonymous with "virtualization”. But just like in any area of business, once the path has been blazed, other companies create their own offerings.   Microsoft’s solution to virtualization, Hyper-V, first appeared in Microsoft Server 2008. Since then Hyper-V has become the primary competitor of VMware and their product vSphere.   The term "virtualization” ha ...   read more

SQL Server 2012

Section: Research
SQL Server 2012 includes enhancements that enable businesses to manage and understand their data better than ever before. Improved Business Intelligence (BI) tools that empower the end user integrate with well-known interfaces such as a standard web browser, Excel, or SharePoint. In addition to offering improved functionality for users, the intentionally cloud-friendly development and deployment options mean that mission critical databases can be moved or extend ...   read more

Is VMware still the best choice for virtualisation solutions?

Section: Articles
The move to virtualisation is all but inevitable, and there is very little question as to why. The benefits are incontrovertible, and the maturity of the virtualisation software available has moved virtualisation out of the realm of the test bed and into the realm of "have to have it.” It may be true that some companies are reluctant to switch over to a virtualised environment if they already have an existing system in place and substantial capital sunk into a data centre, it is much more ...   read more

Cisco and Microsoft in virtualization partnership

Section: News
Microsoft and Cisco have joined forces to deliver a new range of virtualization solutions that the companies hope will offer improved scalability and operational control using the Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor. The updated hypervisor will combine advanced Cisco networking features, but will not undermine existing IT management processes. Placeholder0Dynamic provision management has been incorporated into the Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch, which will greatly simplify mana ...   read more