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Hypervisor: In computing, a hypervisor, also called virtual machine monitor (VMM), allows multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a host computer, a feature called hardware virtualization. It is so named because it is conceptually one level higher than a supervisor. (Source: Wikipedia)

10 Points an IT Manager should know about Server Virtualization

Section: Research
If you are an IT manager and want to find out how your team can benefit from server virtualization, then this document will assist you.   Server virtualization is an industry standard technique to reduce server resources by more than one-third. It results in fewer servers to manage and thereby empowers firms to optimise their IT maintenance tasks.     This document will present ten important facts about server v ...   read more

Compare Server Virtualization Vendors

Section: Research
This research compares 6 major server virtualization vendors (VMWare, Microsoft, Parallels, Citrix, Oracle and Redhat) on more than 20 important criteria. The comparison will start with generic parameters like company size, market share, etc. Then the document moves onto the core virtualization and integration features which will help identify the vendor’s relevancy to your organisation’s IT architecture and existing setup. The comparison table will then go furt ...   read more

Server Virtualisation: On Premise, In-the-Cloud or Hybrid?

Section: Research
With over 70% of SMB’s embracing virtualization in some form, the need for a cohesive, well thought out strategy is crucial so as to avoid common and costly mistakes. This White Paper explores the: •  Four key elements of a server virtualization strategy •  Business goals and how they will impact strategy •  Public Vs On-Site Private Cloud Vs Outsourced Private Cloud Vs Hybrid •  What to watch out ...   read more

Virtualization Vendors Comparison

Section: Research
This guide will save you time by comparing six Virtualisation vendors side-by-side.  Vendors include VMWare, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Citrix and Parallels. The following areas are covered: -  Company Size -  Solution Types -  Flagship Product(s) -  Costs -  Hypervisor -  Scalability -  Extended Management -  Common criteria and security certification -  Pros a ...   read more

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - 2 minute video explanation

Section: Research Video
SaaS goes the whole hog, offering fully functional applications on-demand to provide specific services such as email management, CRM, ERP, web conferencing and an increasingly wide range of other applications. ...   read more

Converged Infrastructure Perception Doesn’t Match Reality

Section: Articles
Disruptive technologies like converged infrastructure (CI) tend to deliver two things: The reality of dramatic and positive changes to the business model, and an extraordinary amount of hype and misunderstanding. First the reality—converged infrastructure is indeed a game-changer, and succeeds in achieving high levels of energy efficiency, superior manageability, and lower cap-ex as a result of increased density and a smaller footprint requirement. Any enterprise planning a major infrastructure ...   read more

Cisco and Microsoft in virtualization partnership

Section: News
Microsoft and Cisco have joined forces to deliver a new range of virtualization solutions that the companies hope will offer improved scalability and operational control using the Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor. The updated hypervisor will combine advanced Cisco networking features, but will not undermine existing IT management processes. Placeholder0Dynamic provision management has been incorporated into the Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch, which will greatly simplify mana ...   read more

Desktop virtualization 'needs to mature'

Section: News
A former Citrix employee has claimed that desktop virtualization is still some way off maturity and requires a certain level of technical expertise if it is to be implemented effectively. This could point to an increasing demand for outsourced infrastructure solutions that leave management and maintenance to a third party.Speaking to CRN, Simon Crosby, who used ...   read more

Red Bend works on mobile virtualization

Section: News
Software developer Red Bend is focusing its efforts on creating a mobile virtualization solution that will allow users to store multiple profiles - for both business and personal use - on a single device. The new software is a type 1 hypervisor and at the moment it is unclear which chip manufacturers would adopt the new technology - which would help to boost mobile security - reports PC World. Placeholder0Lori Sylvia, Red Bend's vice president of marketing, told the news pr ...   read more