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Interoute: Interoute Communications Ltd is the owner operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, which encompasses over 60,000km of lit fibre, 10 hosting data centres and 31 collocation centres, with connections to 140 additional third-party data centres across Europe.

Cloud Infrastructure Services in 2014 - A CIO's Guide

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The challenges facing CIO's over the last decade have been well documented. Those in the role have been called upon to facilitate transformational change and make their organisations more agile. In striving to meet this expanded brief, many have pulled out all the stops to develop a deeper understanding of the business and it's diverse needs. But challenges remain, not least in legacy investments and outdated skill-sets within IT departments. Together ...   read more

Survivors' Guide to the Cloud

Section: Research
In 2013, how are IT departments transforming IT efficiency, increasing agility and flexibility and lowering overheads without compromising security, availability or compliance? Whatever initiatives are implemented, the scope for transformation will continue to be limited as long as resources are kept within the boundaries of the organisation. This white paper: Explores the growing potential of cloud-based IT infrastructure service ...   read more

As cloud takes over, what is the role of the IT manager?

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The industrialisation of IT has long commenced. Legacy systems requiring manual management of IT structure have fallen to the wayside, one by one, as automated cloud computing systems have usurped the place of typical IT professionals and infrastructure managers. Unrest has shaken the industry since at least 2010, and the same advice has been issued over and over again, in varying tones. F ...   read more

Cloud Compliance: Is the Cloud Keeping your Data Private?

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Public cloud computing, convenient and cost-saving, has replaced the large, on-site server rooms usually relied upon by companies. Data once saved in server rooms is stored in data centres often far from the company site, managed by a cloud provider that secures and protects the data. But at what point can conveni ...   read more

Cloud Trends for 2013 and Beyond

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The cloud has settled in to stay. Since its first emergence, cloud has been both a curiosity and a concern for CIOs and IT professionals. Now that this modern computing system has swept the information industry, what will happen next?

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The Case for Virtual Data Centres

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In an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) scenario,  the  cloud-based  service being provided will include virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers. Physically the pool of hardware resource is pulled  from  a  multitude  of  servers  and  networks  usually distributed across numerous data centres, all of which the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining. Th ...   read more

What's Holding Businesses Back From the Cloud?

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The typical internal IT infrastructure is mired in complexity; costly and cumbersome to manage; and the opposite of dynamic and agile. Any on-premise server that is not fully utilised represents a costly waste of resources. Extrapolate that across the entire company, and the inefficiencies are likely to assume staggering proportions. It is in this context that an organisation’s interest in cloud-based systems and services will typically originate. An overwhelm ...   read more

IaaS Market Experiencing Growth Spurt

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The demand for cloud services is one that’s growing year-on-year and doesn’t look like slowing any time soon. Whilst initially, SaaS offerings were by far the most popular of cloud solutions, more and more companies are now beginning to use IaaS and PaaS. According to a recent study, it was found that in November of last year, 11.9% of those asked said that they were im ...   read more

Increased Spend on Cloud Storage in 2014

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A recent survey carried out by V3 has found that 41% of IT professionals questioned plan to spend at least the same as the previous year on cloud storage this year, with many planning to increase spending. Key drivers for the increased spending plans within the industry were found to be data growth and regulatory compliance. However, it was also found that many don’t intend to upgrade storage approaches to newer and more future proof solutions such as read more

Interoute recognised by Gartner as industry leader

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Researchers at Gartner have published the updated Magic Quadrant report for 2013 and have positioned leading cloud service provider Interoute Communications Ltd highly for its "ability to execute”. Interoute is the owner and operator of Europe’s biggest cloud services platform, accounting for 10 host ...   read more

Italian OU Launches E-Learning in Interoute Cloud

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The first Italian Open University has launched a project designed to offer cloud-based e-learning. Marconi University says that the use of the cloud will move away from a colocation facility and this has come about as a means to improve the reliability of its digital learning resources. It’s also intended to help save on the cost of running an e-learning platform and improve the infrastructure of the platform, which was previously managed by a third party with servers and storag ...   read more