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Telepresence: Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location. (Source: Wikipedia)

5 Steps to Ensure Maximum ROI on Your Video Conferencing Investment

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Now that you’ve decided to make the investment, like many SMBs, you may find the decision to add video conferencing capabilities much easier than figuring out how to deploy it. The technical terminology, implementation requirements, planning – it can all be overwhelming and confusing. This paper presents a series of steps that makes the process simpler, even if you don’t have a large IT department to assist in getting the technology operational. The five steps are:  read more

The Great Video Conferencing Debate: Cost Vs Quality

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Free and low cost video conferencing services have widely been adopted by businesses, but there are limitations to the quality and reliability of these ‘consumer’ grade services. Until recently, ‘business grade’ video conferencing was widely considered cost prohibitive.   Recently with new solutions coming onto the market, it is possible for SMBs to experience a higher standard of video conferencing without the quality ...   read more

Why Today’s Mobile Workers Are Working Longer Hours than Ever

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Today’s global mobile workers - armed with iPads, smartphones and laptops - are working longer hours, reports mobility services firm iPass in their latest workforce survey on mobile working. So why are these same workers seemingly more content than ever before? The survey indicates that the majority of mobile workers feel empowered by the flexibility of mobile working and cloud services, even if it means clocking in longer work hours. What else can we glean from the  survey? Let’s ta ...   read more

The Video Conferencing Boom - Top Trends to Watch

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Businesses around the globe will spend £2.3 billion on live video conferencing by 2016, according to the analyst firm Ovum . This represents a compound annual growth rate of 5.79 per cent in revenues from 2011 to 2016. With a greater emphasis on cost-cutting measures and productivity, organisations are seizing upon video confer ...   read more

Compare Video Conferencing Vendors

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This research will save you time as it compares nine different Video Conferencing solutions from four Video Conferencing vendors side-by-side, these include Cisco, Logitech, Polycom and Tandberg.   The following areas are covered: -  Service / product Name -  Solution Types for Target Markets -  Pricing -  Product Features -  Technical Details and Requirement ...   read more

Video Conferencing Solutions - A Buyers Guide

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Thanks to the development of low cost video equipment, inexpensive processing power and cheap bandwidth, small and medium sized businesses have begun to embrace Video Conferencing.   This buyer's guide covers the following topics:   -  Introduction -  Who is Using Video Conferencing and Why? -  Video Conferencing Solutions and Costs          • ...   read more

Green Computing

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The role of IT in the push towards environmental sustainability   Today’s newspapers are awash with green initiatives. Where computers are discussed it is generally with reference to operational power management, rather than how IT can help a business achieve its environmental goals. The environmental damage caused by our love affair with computers and other electronic devices runs deep. This paper, based on an international survey of IT professionals, e ...   read more

BT expands cloud-based videoconferencing services

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BT Conferencing has announced it will expand its cloud-based videoconferencing service so that a greater number of devices can be used by global businesses. More than 50,000 conferencing sites around the world are expected to benefit from full global interoperability, bosses at the firm have said. Placeholder0Organisations can now utilise a range of high definition endpoints, including web cameras,   read more

Businesses 'want video conferencing to go mobile'

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Businesses want to extend their unified communications solutions - including video conferencing technologies - to the mobile workforce. According to Andreas Weinhold, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at LifeSize, the liberation of video conferencing from it ...   read more

Cisco adds more social functionality to video conferencing

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Cisco has added more social functionality to its video conferencing solutions in the hope of making collaboration a key selling point for the technology. The sharing of video content - including previous video conferencing sessions - is expected to transform online training and customer service, Cisco believes. Placeholder0The firm's Guido Jouret, chief technical officer of enterprise video, said that people want to take a step beyond meetings and use social technologies to ...   read more

Cisco to launch free video conferencing solution

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Cisco is set to launch a free video conferencing solution for ad-hoc meeting participants so that companies can set up discussions with any of their clients. The move, Cisco hopes, will open up the telepresence market and ensure that even those without a read more

Video conferencing has 'finally overtaken conference calling'

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Video conferencing technology has reached a point where it is more effective than traditional conference call solutions - offering much better collaboration potential, according to IDC. The research organisation said the market for telepresence and video conferencing solutions ...   read more