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Data portability

Data portability: The DataPortability Working Group is an industry Data Portability standards working group that educates, designs and advocates interoperable DataPortability to users, developers and vendors. The DataPortability Working Group defines DataPortability as "the option to share or move your personal data between trusted applications and vendors". ( Source: Webopedia)

Multi-cloud strategies help to overcome risks of the cloud

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One of the benefits of cloud computing is that, assuming virtualization is implemented in the cloud farm, that layer of abstraction affords some measure of protection against loss or downtime in the event of a single hardware failure. And of course, utilizing a cloud platform adds innumerable other benefits, not the least of which is the ability to access data and applications from any location, and protection against downtime from an in-house data centre failure.   read more

Digital Sales Surpass £1bn in 2012

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The digital sales market surpassed one billion pounds in the UK last year for the first time and is expected to grow further this year as physical sales of film, music and games will continue to fall, according to analysts. The Entertainment Retailer’s Association (ERA), th ...   read more

DRM Doesn’t Stop Piracy, Tor Books Find

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A little over a year ago, sci-fi imprint Tor Books made the decision to do away with DRM (Digital Rights Management) on all of its UK and US ebook listings. A year on and the publishers have revealed that in that time, there has been little or no discernable increase in piracy for its titles. The decision was made to do away with DRM as the company felt that their particular readership was being hampered by the inability to move books from one device to another. Accord ...   read more

Wearable Tech to take Enterprise by Storm?

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BYOD could soon be adapted to be known as ‘BYOWD’ (Bring Your Own Wearable Device) if wearable devices "take the enterprise by storm”, as predicted will happen by several recent articles. According to Business Insider, the wearable technology market will be worth $12bn by 2018. The BYOD market is already growing at a rapid rate and is expected to show growth from $67.21bn in 2011 to $181.39bn by 2017. In the "developed” world, it’s now thought that around 44% of workers take th ...   read more