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OpenStack: OpenStack is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing project by Rackspace Cloud and NASA. Currently more than 150 companies have joined the project among which are AMD, Intel, Canonical, SUSE Linux, Red Hat, Cisco, Dell, HP and IBM. It is free open source software released under the terms of the Apache License. (source: wikipedia)

Host of New Features for Red Hat’s Fedora

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The latest version of the Fedora Project was released by Red Hat on Monday and contains a substantial amount of new features. Fedora 17 has an updated version of OpenStack, as well as an improved version of GNOME, which will please many in the Linux community as the previous version was described by some as being an "unholy mess”, due to its difficult to use interface. "I am extremely proud of the Fedora 17 release. The addition of projects such as oVirt and JBoss Application Se ...   read more

OpenStack Debate Rolls On

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There's been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the best public cloud architecture and the viability of OpenStack as a "virally growing open software movement” and this came under further discussion at the Jefferies technology conference in New York held between 7-10th May. OpenStack was dreamed up and initiated by Rackspace and NASA and is an open source cloud platform which is proving extremely popular with many tech vendors. However, not all of them are convinced ...   read more

OpenStack Rolls Out to Customers

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Rackspace OpenStack software is finally being rolled out to customers, with the cloud provider saying it will "revolutionise the cloud industry". This is due to the open source nature of the platform, which Rackspace hopes will give customers more freedom as opposed to providers such as Amazon Web Services. Ideal for enterprises, with Rackspace OpenStack software, organisations have the ability to deploy cloud services wit ...   read more

Rackspace rolls out OpenStack based Public Cloud

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Rackspace is to begin rolling out its public cloud, the first to appear which is based on the new Essex release of OpenStack. The move pips HP at the post; they are planning to release the Essex code as public beta on May 10th 2012. It's thought that Rackspace has already carried out the necessary testing on its cloud servers and file services and they will begin rolling out the new OpenStack services to ...   read more

Red Hat Criticised for Potential Anticompetitive Behaviour

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Red Hat has come in for criticism from the open source community regarding a policy that apparently discourages the use of rival products such as OpenStack. However, Red Hat says that the policy is only in place as it would cost too much to support the different versions of OpenStack and "its cloud software needs to be tied tightly to its Linux distribution for technical reasons.” read more