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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers: Virtualized servers running Windows or Linux operating systems that are instantiated via a web interface or API. Cloud Servers behave in the same manner as physical ones and can be controlled at an administrator or root level, depending on the server type and Cloud Hosting provider. (soure:

Securing the Cloud for the Enterprise

Section: Research
Clouds offer great promise in improving IT’s agility and flexibility to respond to the requirements of the business cost effectively. New security patterns and practices are emerging to address security challenges in the cloud-based environment. Governance, protection, visibility, and auditability are key elements to establishing confidence and trust in the cloud. These must be achieved in the increasingly scalable enterprise in a cost-effective fashion. read more

Cloud Adoption Slowed by Security Concerns

Section: News
According to Edward Ferrara of Forrester Research, security concerns are still preventing widespread adoption of cloud, regardless of the model, whether it be SaaS, IaaS or PaaS. However, in response, cloud providers are tightening security controls in order to attract more buyers, many of whom show a very strong interest in the deployment of private cloud. This is due to the "elasticity, reduced cost and cycle times required to deploy solutions in [private cloud] envi ...   read more

Fujitsu & VMware Provide 'Cloud-in-a-box'

Section: News
Fujitsu is to offer a preconfigured ‘cloud-in-a-box’ product to customers wanting to set up their own private cloud, which will be named Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructure for VMware vCloud. The new product is also to provide support and vCloud Director orchestration tools. Fujitsu are not the first company to offer such a service but will be the first which includes a complete VMware stack; HP and Dell also offer ‘straight out of the box’ cloud packages. "We are differenti ...   read more

Microsoft Extend Support for Windows Server 2008

Section: News
Microsoft has announced that it will extend support for Windows Server 2008, which was due to end in the middle of next year, until 2015. The support will "transition” from mainstream to extended support in line with the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy for business and developer products. This gives some tech departments a little more breathing space when it comes to upgrading to Windows Server 2012 and/or migration to the cloud, something which is gathering pace in terms of ...   read more

Rackspace rolls out OpenStack based Public Cloud

Section: News
Rackspace is to begin rolling out its public cloud, the first to appear which is based on the new Essex release of OpenStack. The move pips HP at the post; they are planning to release the Essex code as public beta on May 10th 2012. It's thought that Rackspace has already carried out the necessary testing on its cloud servers and file services and they will begin rolling out the new OpenStack services to ...   read more

Server Chips Could Bring down Cost of Cloud

Section: News
New research has found that cloud computing bills could be cut as much as 30%, depending on what kind of chip is used in data centre servers. Researchers in Germany and Finland found that some server clusters are 40% faster than others depending on what kind of processor the servers run on. The analysis was carried out on Amazon’s EC2 cloud service and carried out by computer scientists. This is good news for cloud, especially since the cost benefits for cloud computin ...   read more