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Enterprise Cloud Management

Enterprise Cloud Management: For the enterprise, the problem is managing many different workloads, most of which need only a few servers to meet demand. However, these workloads frequently have different ownership, compliance needs, integration requirements, and so on.
Enterprise cloud governance is essential for maintaining control over an increasingly complex and integrated systems, services, and human resources environment. (source: enStratus)

Understanding Enterprise Cloud Management

Section: Research
New applications, driven largely by the economics of cloud computing raise three critical questions for those who own operations for these applications: Who is managing your cloud applications? How wisely are you managing your cloud applications? What freedom do you have in managing your cloud applications? In this paper, learn about: What to look for from Enterpri ...   read more

Are Enterprise Cloud Services the CIO's Key to Innovation?

Section: Articles
There are already signs that CIOs see what needs to be done as they try to move forward. In October 2013, Gartner predicted that cloud computing would grow to represent the bulk of new IT spend by as soon as 2016. As long as CIOs are being pushed to deliver more with less, it is clear tha ...   read more

How CIO's Can Stay Relevant to the Business in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Section: Articles
To stay relevant to the business in a rapidly-changing external environment, the CIO and IT department need to be as agile as the infrastructure they provide to the business, and as open to new ways of working as the broader organisation. Today’s IT agenda, then, is not about keeping things ticking over – i.e. being ordinary and maintaining the status quo. New requirements emerge so quickly that it has become impossible to predict what’s coming down the line, so there is a growing need to ...   read more

2013 Poor Year for Enterprise Spending

Section: News
2013 will see modest spending on enterprise technology, a report from CNN’s Fortune magazine has predicted. Whilst many in the sector are predicting stronger growth than last year, this is only because 2012 was such "a dismal year”, the report says. As the PC market declines, enterprises will be spending more on cloud services and mobile devices such as tablets and whilst th ...   read more

69% of Enterprises Intend to Increase Cloud Spending, according to 451 Research

Section: News
A recent survey carried out by 451 Research has found that of those enterprises that have a separate budget for cloud computing, 69% say that it will increase this year and next. The survey was carried out as a part of TheInfoPro Wave 5 Cloud Computing Study  read more

70% of IT Managers can’t Measure Performance in Cloud

Section: News
Cloud computing is changing the way that IT infrastructures as a whole, and IT managers as a profession, are structured in the workplace and according to a recent survey, many are unsure how the changing landscape is affecting their job. The study , carried out at t ...   read more

Amazon Web will be in G-Cloud 3.0

Section: News
Amazon Web Services are to be integrated into the G-Cloud government cloud framework as a supplier for use by civil servants. Whilst the online retailer almost missed the second cut-off date for inclusion into the catalogue, this was due to timing, according to G-Cloud programme director Denise McDonagh. "We don't have Amazon on just now - reason is we ran out of time," McDonagh said during a webcast Wednesday by UKAuthority ...   read more

By 2014, 90 percent of organisations will support corporate applications on BYOD, Garther predicts

Section: News
According to Gartner, the use of mobile devices for consuming work-related video continues to rise, putting more pressure on enterprises to support and manage BYOD schemes. It’s thought that by around 2015, a minimum of 60% of information employees will use a mobile device for work purposes. "Developing and supporting new content management applications and uses is a daunting task for enterprises, which justifiably fear dissatisfaction and low adoption," read more

Cisco to acquire Meraki Inc.

Section: News
Cisco yesterday announced their intention to expand existing cloud to solutions by acquiring Meraki Inc., a San Francisco-based leading cloud provider. Meraki has offices in New York, London and Mexico and "offers midmarket customers easy-to-deploy on-premise networking solutions that can be centrally managed from the cloud”. According to a Cisco statement, the acquisition "complements and expands Cisco’s strategy to offer more software-centric solutions to simplify network ma ...   read more

Citrix Synergy Unveil Project Avalon Details

Section: News
The latest Citrix Synergy event kicked off in Barcelona today, with Citrix unveiling the next phase of Project Avalon, which aims to deliver Windows apps and desktops via the cloud to any enabled device. The project was first announced at the Citrix Synergy San Francisco event in May 2012, which was attended by 6000 IT professionals over the course of three days. The US event featured le ...   read more

Cloud Adoption Slowed by Security Concerns

Section: News
According to Edward Ferrara of Forrester Research, security concerns are still preventing widespread adoption of cloud, regardless of the model, whether it be SaaS, IaaS or PaaS. However, in response, cloud providers are tightening security controls in order to attract more buyers, many of whom show a very strong interest in the deployment of private cloud. This is due to the "elasticity, reduced cost and cycle times required to deploy solutions in [private cloud] envi ...   read more

Cloud and Mobility Top Game Changers in IT

Section: News
A recent survey from CommScope has found that the increase in the take up of mobile devices and cloud services are the top "game changers” in IT at the moment, with many IT managers struggling to keep pace with demand. According to the read more

Cloud competition heats up as Microsoft challenges Amazon Web Services

Section: News
Microsoft upped the ante on cloud competitors this week as they announced updates for Windows Azure, including a new price plan and stronger integration with other Microsoft IT infrastructure development tools. These announcements were made at the Microsoft TechEd 2013 conference this week. The company plans to offer Azure with pricing by the minute with no minimum buy-in, read more

Cloud Computing Event for Business Leaders

Section: News
The Cloud Circle Forum (CCF) are to hold an event next Thursday July 5th, for business leaders, designed to help them get to grips with the latest happenings in cloud computing. The event will focus on "the implications of cloud computing for value creation, innovation and competitive advantage”. The event will take place at the America Square Conference Centre in London and runs from 08:20am to 17:45pm. According to the event information, recent research has from analysts IDC h ...   read more

Cloud Moves ‘Beyond the Hype’

Section: News
Cloud computing has now moved "beyond the hype” and is beginning to become one of the most important factors to the modern enterprise, according to a number of reliable sources such as Gartner. The research house itself predicts that most of new spending in IT will be on cloud technologies by 2016 and that around half of all large enterprises will have cloud deployed by 2017. Gartner also forecast that global spending will reach $47.4bn in 2013 when it comes to public cloud spending ...   read more

Cloud Skills Most Valuable in Tech

Section: News
A new report has found that the demand for skills in cloud computing have now surpassed those in all other areas of technology and are the most valuable "proficiency sought by IT”. A study was carried out by Robert Half Technology, an IT recruitment specialist and found that Directors and CIOs found knowledge in cloud to be more valuable for advancement and in terms of career paths than any other IT skill.  read more

Cloud Still a Small Part of IT Spending, Reports Gartner

Section: News
According to new research from Gartner, whilst the use of cloud is growing faster than the rest of the enterprise technology market, it still only represents a small part overall enterprise spending. The results are the findings of a recent survey carried out by the research house, which found that just 38% of firms use cloud services at the moment. However, 80% of those asked said that they intend to use the cloud within the next 12 months. The survey asked 651 organi ...   read more

Dell Drops IaaS Cloud for Partner Program

Section: News
PC manufacturer Dell has announced that is to discontinue its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud in order to concentrate on "best-in-class partner offerings”. The company will instead launch the Dell Cloud Partner Program to deliver IaaS through "an ecosystem of partners”. "Many Dell customers plan to expand their use of public cloud, but in order to truly reap the benefits, they want a choice of providers, flexibility and interoperability across platforms and m ...   read more

Europe falling behind in cloud innovation

Section: News
According to a recent survey carried out by Informa Telecoms and Media, alongside the Cloud World Forum, Europe "is losing the cloud computing innovation race to North America and Asia”. The news comes just ahead of the upcoming Cloud World Forum event, which is due to take place in London on 26-27 June 2013 at the Olympi ...   read more

Fujitsu & VMware Provide 'Cloud-in-a-box'

Section: News
Fujitsu is to offer a preconfigured ‘cloud-in-a-box’ product to customers wanting to set up their own private cloud, which will be named Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructure for VMware vCloud. The new product is also to provide support and vCloud Director orchestration tools. Fujitsu are not the first company to offer such a service but will be the first which includes a complete VMware stack; HP and Dell also offer ‘straight out of the box’ cloud packages. "We are differenti ...   read more

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