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Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance: Cloud services governance is a general term for applying specific policies or principles to the use of cloud computing services. The goal of cloud services governance is to secure applications and data when they are located remotely.(source:

Contracting Cloud Services - A Guide to Best Practice

Section: Research
Many similes and metaphors have been used to describe Cloud Services ranging from ‘elastic supply’ to ‘a form of outsourcing’. The challenge in entering any supply contract though is to define and embody in plain words a common understanding, set of expectations and requirements between (normally) two parties committing to a supplier-customer relationship. As with all new markets, there are entrants who are credible, well intentioned, capable an ...   read more

Securing the Cloud for the Enterprise

Section: Research
Clouds offer great promise in improving IT’s agility and flexibility to respond to the requirements of the business cost effectively. New security patterns and practices are emerging to address security challenges in the cloud-based environment. Governance, protection, visibility, and auditability are key elements to establishing confidence and trust in the cloud. These must be achieved in the increasingly scalable enterprise in a cost-effective fashion. read more

Understanding Enterprise Cloud Management

Section: Research
New applications, driven largely by the economics of cloud computing raise three critical questions for those who own operations for these applications: Who is managing your cloud applications? How wisely are you managing your cloud applications? What freedom do you have in managing your cloud applications? In this paper, learn about: What to look for from Enterpri ...   read more

EC release Cloud Strategy for Europe

Section: News
The European Commission (EC) has released "Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe” as part of its ongoing Digital Agenda. The strategy is designed to help drive business in Europe with the help of cloud computing. It’s hoped that the strategy will "deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of EUR 160 billion,” by 2020 as it w ...   read more

EU Cloud Strategy to be presented at Cloud Computing World Forum

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The European cloud strategy is to be presented by European Commissioner Megan Richards at this year’s Cloud Computing World Forum, which will be held at Earl’s Court, London on 12th and 13th June 2012. It’s thought that the Commissioner will present the findings of its Digital Agenda for Europe consultations at the conference, which sees many of the big players in technology come together. Ms Richards will talk on day two of the forum and will present key findings f ...   read more

EU Regulation Will Increase Cloud Adoption

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New research from IDC, commissioned by the EU, has found that creating policies that take away barriers to cloud adoption would increase spending in the public cloud to around €77.7bn by 2020, currently worth around €35.2bn. At the moment, IDC found that obstacles to   read more

Impact of PRISM Could Lose US $35bn in Cloud Industry

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The US cloud computing industry could lose as much as $35bn, following the NSA’s PRISM scandal, warns a new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Whilst the true impact of the scandal can’t yet be properly measured, as it’s still early days, a survey carried out recently by the Cloud Security Alliance read more

Lack of Cloud Skills may Impact Technology

Section: News
Research analysts at IDC have found that the lack of IT skills when it comes to the cloud computing sector will be outpaced by demand for the technology in the next few years. This is nothing new, in 2012 around 1.7m jobs could not be filled around the globe due to lack of training, study, certification and experience in cloud. However, according to IDC, demand will continue to grow year-on-year by 26% by 2015. This will create about 7m cloud-related jobs globally, IDC ...   read more

London Deploys Cloud Management

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The Greater London Authority (GLA) has implemented an incident management system based in the cloud in order for it to better deal with incidents such as major traffic accidents, protests fires and terrorist attacks. Cloud-based Xactium Incident Manager will allow the GLA to track and report issues in real time, cutting down on response times and allowing local authorities to track incidents. The data will all be stored on Salesforce’s secure public cloud on the compan ...   read more

Mobile App Development to Leverage Cloud Back-end

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A special report from analyst house Gartner predicts that by 2016, 40% of mobile app development projects will leverage backend cloud services. This could cause development leaders to "lose control of the pace and path of cloud adoption within their enterprises,” Gartner say.

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