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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. (Source:

Cloud, Managed Hosting, Colo or In-house?

Section: Research
The decision to outsource or in-source data centre services is not one taken lightly. Just as organisations felt they had figured out what to outsource and what to keep in-house, cloud computing has fuelled renewed interest in outsourcing, resulting in enterprises reassessing their IT service sourcing strategies. This white paper provides some important considerations when deciding on data centre services and covers the following: < ...   read more

The Future of Cloud Computing: Unified Management and Automation

Section: Research
Tight budgets, outages in services and competitive pressures are leading to increasing numbers of organisations to adopt agile IT environments, namely deploying and managing resources more flexibly and cost effectively. This tension is creating a demand for highly automated unified management solutions to manage consolidated and increasingly dynamic IT operations in a unified way. ...   read more

Unifying Data Encryption

Section: Research
With the growing emphasis on the need to protect sensitive data, encryption has become a focus of interest for organisations worldwide. Yet data encryption has long had its challenges in deployment. If you are responsible for the protection of sensitive information in a Linux environment and often find yourself wondering which way to turn when it comes to simple transparent and unified data encryption, this paper will interest you.
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Trust and Security in the Cloud

Section: Research
The delivery of cloud based application functionality via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model frequently sparks a vigorous debate on security-related concerns. It is common to hear IT professionals question whether service providers can be trusted to look after critical and confidential business data. But while the concerns may be real, are they justified or is it a case of being wary of the unknown while overlooking the shortcomings of internal systems? This r ...   read more

Server Virtualisation: On Premise, In-the-Cloud or Hybrid?

Section: Research
With over 70% of SMB’s embracing virtualization in some form, the need for a cohesive, well thought out strategy is crucial so as to avoid common and costly mistakes. This White Paper explores the: •  Four key elements of a server virtualization strategy •  Business goals and how they will impact strategy •  Public Vs On-Site Private Cloud Vs Outsourced Private Cloud Vs Hybrid •  What to watch out ...   read more

User Virtualization

Section: Research
User Virtualization allows users the flexibility to manage their own preferences across multiple physical or virtual devices, but it does so within a framework that is monitored and controlled by IT.    This research explores how User Virtualization can work covering the following topics: -  Whose desktop is it anyway? -  End user computing is at an inflection point -  ‘P’ is for ‘personal ...   read more

Cloud Computing Checkpoint

Section: Research
We’ve heard the promises, we’ve listened to the hype, but where exactly are we in terms of tangible activity and commitment when it comes to cloud computing? This report by Freeform Dynamics covers:   -  Introduction -  The context for hosted cloud -  Perceived relevance of hosted cloud -  Traditional versus cloud-based infrastructure/platform services -  Traditional ...   read more

Cloud Computing in the Public Sector

Section: Research
Governments around the world have been looking at how best to reduce functional redundancy through the concept of "shared services” where different departments share a single source of function. This report looks at the promise and issues of cloud computing today in the Public Sector, along with the direction cloud needs to take in order to fulfil on its promise. The following topics are covered: -  The public sector in 2011 and beyond ...   read more

Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis

Section: Research
When Google launched Google Apps Premier Edition for $50 per user per year, it raised the question, "How much should we be paying for email?” But it’s not just this eye-popping price that should trigger the question about where you should run your email. Instead, every time you have to upgrade, switch, or add users to your email system, you should examine your fully loaded costs and consider the delivery alternatives.   This report presents a spreadshee ...   read more

Cloud Computing - Taking IT to Task

Section: Research
Much of the discussion around modern IT still revolves around purely technical aspects of a given platform, leaving many business people in the dark as to what true value of a new technical architecture actually is.   With businesses being run by process – not by technology – a new approach has to be taken: one that starts with the business imperative, drills down to the business process and then uses technology - increasingly from outside sources – to ...   read more

Cloud Connectivity - Simply Does It

Section: Research
  We keep hearing that network connectivity is a problem when considering moving to Cloud services. We’ve heard the doubts and listened to the success stories. So where are we when it comes to Cloud and connectivity?   This report by Freeform Dynamics covers:   -  Introduction -  The majority are positive about Cloud connectivity -  Remote working is widely supported ...   read more

Server Virtualization - 2 Minute Explanation

Section: Research Video
An animated elevator pitch on the three types of server virtualization and their benefits. ...   read more

A Buyers Guide to Cloud Services

Section: Research
In the UK today over 50 per cent of organisations have formally utilised at least one Cloud service and satisfaction levels relating to that experience grew to an astonishing 96 per cent by the end of 2011. Furthermore, 85 per cent of IT Executives stated that they now formally considered Cloud as a viable option for delivering new IT projects within their wider IT strategy, signalling that the technical model has established a mainstream status among the profession. What ...   read more

A Gift from IT to the Business

Section: Research
Spend visibility; using an on-demand service to deliver rapid business value IT managers that fail to embrace on-demand services will hold back the organisation they are supposed to be supporting. Such services can save costs within IT, as well as provide new capabilities to the business that have previously been unavailable or unaffordable. On-demand services also allow IT departments to focus more on managing infor ...   read more

Cloud Adoption and Trends for 2012

Section: Research
This paper explores current adoption of practical cloud services across the UK and looks into the levels of adoption across different organisational types; the drivers for adoption; the services being accessed; satisfaction levels and the issues and concerns that impede adoption at times. From this paper the reader should be able to gauge current market readiness and satisfaction levels of cloud service users in the UK and be able to   read more

Cloud Adoption Guide

Section: Research
This book examines the various cloud platform options, highlights best practice approaches to cloud adoption, and defines an assessment framework to help prioritise applications for cloud adoption. Written by Fujitsu a leading cloud provider, it serves as a valuable guide as you and your management colleagues together seek to maximise the business benefits of the move to cloud. This white paper covers What is Cloud? What Cloud M ...   read more

Cloud and Storage - The way ahead

Section: Research
Today people are slowly becoming aware that the term Cloud does not describe a single offering but is rather used to conveniently refer to a broad range of solutions. In addition the term is now being used in both the context of solutions residing inside the data centre or outside the business entirely. This research explores the considerations an organisation should take as they look at external cloud and storage and also questions what is the reality behind Cloud and ...   read more

Cloud Computing: What is its Potential Value for Your Company?

Section: Research
Cloud computing’s value proposition centres on solving a dilemma almost every CIO faces: Lack of budget to truly improve a business’s competitive position in the market. The technology’s widely acclaimed benefits for small and mid-size businesses include low start-up costs, low cost for sporadic use, ease of management, scalability, device and location independence & rapid innovation. This paper will guide you through the Google Apps success stories which have h ...   read more

Cloud Definitions, Deployment Considerations & Diversity

Section: Research
This White Paper provides clarity on the language of Cloud Computing, offers a practical description and ordering of the key Cloud terminology in use. It also puts forward the basic, but often unspoken, argument that organisations will need to address an increasingly fragmented notion of how IT is delivered going forward. The constraints of server rooms, DMZ’s, ownership and dedic ...   read more

Contracting Cloud Services - A Guide to Best Practice

Section: Research
Many similes and metaphors have been used to describe Cloud Services ranging from ‘elastic supply’ to ‘a form of outsourcing’. The challenge in entering any supply contract though is to define and embody in plain words a common understanding, set of expectations and requirements between (normally) two parties committing to a supplier-customer relationship. As with all new markets, there are entrants who are credible, well intentioned, capable an ...   read more

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