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OpenShift is Red Hat's Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. OpenShift is an application platform in the cloud where application developers and teams can build, test, deploy, and run their applications. OpenShift takes care of all the infrastructure, middleware, and management and allows the developer to focus on what they do best: designing and coding applications. ( Source :  OpenShift)

Red Hat helps Enterprises 'Ease into the Cloud’

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Following the launch of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 beta, Red Hat has talked about an idea which they call "Ease into the Cloud” and say that their new software will help companies to do this. JBoss is suitable for use with a variety of cloud architectures, and it is this versatility that will help enterprises to decide upon which solution is right for their organisation. Many companies are choosing to use a ‘hybrid’ cloud solution, something which helps moving to the ...   read more

Red Hat to release OpenShift source code at this year’s Open Cloud Conference

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Open source enterprise software provider Red Hat has announced that they will release their Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) solution, OpenShift at this year's Open Cloud Conference on April 30 to May 3 2012. The event, taking place in Sunnyvale, California, will hold an Open Cloud day and an Open PaaS day and key Red Hat developers will be speaking. There will also be an OpenShift workshop ...   read more