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Gmail: Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that combines the best features of traditional email with Google's search technology. (Source:

Gmail is now a major player in cloud-based enterprise email – but is it right for your business?

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Google’s Gmail has officially become a major player in the enterprise email sector according to Gartner, but is it the right choice for your organisation?   Although Gmail is currently in command of roughly one percent of the relatively small enterprise market, this represents almost one half of all online enterprise email, according to Gartner. What does this mean for your business? It means that despite being slow on the uptake, Gmail has finally become a v ...   read more

Apple iCloud Attacked

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A US journalist has had his entire ‘digital life’ deleted after Apple’s support team were tricked into resetting his iCloud account. Mat Honan not only lost control and data on all of his Apple devices; an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, but the attacker also took over his Twitter, Gizmodo and Google accounts, A hacker later contacted Mr Honan and claimed his victory, but left Honan confused as to how this had taken place as it wasn’t what anyone would consider a ‘hack’ as such. ...   read more

Bogus LinkedIn Invites Lead to Malware

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False LinkedIn 'invitation to connect' emails are doing the rounds which appear genuine but actually lead users who click on the links to malware infected websites. The email appears to come from members of popular businesses and recipients are invited to click on the usual "accept” or "ignore” buttons, there is also an unsubscribe link which also directs users to infected sites. The mail uses the LinkedIn logo and is ...   read more

Gmail 'a credible business alternative to Microsoft Exchange'

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Google's cloud-based email service Gmail has been described as a credible business alternative to Microsoft Exchange - despite the fact it only enjoys a market share of one per cent. This is according to esteemed IT analyst Gartner, which believes Google could be about to make huge amounts of headway in the business cloud communications market. Placeholder0Matthew Cain, analyst at Gartner, said that cloud-based email was still an outside choice for many firms - presumably b ...   read more

Gmail Adds Automatic Translator

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Google have integrated an automatic translator into Gmail, which allows users to receive and read email in any language. The new feature has been available through Google Labs since 2009 and will now be rolled out to all Gmail users over the course of the next few days. The new public version of the function will allow users to translate a message with a simple click of the ‘translate’ button, which will now appear in the message header. Google say that they have added automatic ...   read more

Guardian adopts Chromebook cloud computing

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The Guardian News & Media group has adopted 12 Google Chromebooks as it trials cloud computing among its staff on a hardware-as-a-service model. The devices have been issued to editorial staff - including journalists - as a means of accessing and filing news stories through the Google Apps cloud computing environment, reports Computer Weekly. Placeholder0At the core of the Chromebook experience is Gmail and Google Docs, which will allow for remote working on any number of d ...   read more

IT consumerisation puts pressure on business infrastructure

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Businesses are struggling to cope with the increasing consumerisation of IT - particularly when it comes to security and end-user experience. People increasingly expect to be able to access personal Facebook accounts and private webmail services like Gmail while at work, but often IT departments are not consulted.According to new research by Compuware, chief information officers (CIOs) are finding ...   read more

Microsoft Drop Hotmail for

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Microsoft has announced that it is to drop popular email service Hotmail for a web-based version of Outlook, in what it calls "a mission to reimagine personal email. Hotmail was first introduced in 1996 and Gmail 8 years following that; Microsoft say that for personal email, not much has changed since then, until now. Changes are needed, Microsoft say on their official blog, as more and more people keep their connections in social networks rather than email and this is why a n ...   read more