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Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting sites basically operate across various web servers that are interconnected, and as opposed to traditional hosting forms such as shared hosting, and dedicated hosting, data is rendered from various servers.

With Cloud hosting, you pay for what you use: As your business needs fluctuate, you've nothing to worry as you can change your hosting packages based upon your needs, and pay only for what you use. ( Source:, edited)


Cloud Computing: What is its Potential Value for Your Company?

Section: Research
Cloud computing’s value proposition centres on solving a dilemma almost every CIO faces: Lack of budget to truly improve a business’s competitive position in the market. The technology’s widely acclaimed benefits for small and mid-size businesses include low start-up costs, low cost for sporadic use, ease of management, scalability, device and location independence & rapid innovation. This paper will guide you through the Google Apps success stories which have h ...   read more

The Case for Virtual Data Centres

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In an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) scenario,  the  cloud-based  service being provided will include virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers. Physically the pool of hardware resource is pulled  from  a  multitude  of  servers  and  networks  usually distributed across numerous data centres, all of which the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining. Th ...   read more

The possibilities of Hadoop for Big Data

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 Video by informatica ...   read more

What's Holding Businesses Back From the Cloud?

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The typical internal IT infrastructure is mired in complexity; costly and cumbersome to manage; and the opposite of dynamic and agile. Any on-premise server that is not fully utilised represents a costly waste of resources. Extrapolate that across the entire company, and the inefficiencies are likely to assume staggering proportions. It is in this context that an organisation’s interest in cloud-based systems and services will typically originate. An overwhelm ...   read more

Cloud competition heats up as Microsoft challenges Amazon Web Services

Section: News
Microsoft upped the ante on cloud competitors this week as they announced updates for Windows Azure, including a new price plan and stronger integration with other Microsoft IT infrastructure development tools. These announcements were made at the Microsoft TechEd 2013 conference this week. The company plans to offer Azure with pricing by the minute with no minimum buy-in, read more

Cloud Computing to create 9.62 million Jobs in APac

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A study funded by Microsoft has found that cloud computing will create 9.62 million jobs in Asia Pacific alone by 2015. The research also estimates that the technology will create 14 million new jobs internationally by the same year, which is good news for the global economy. The study was carried out by global analysts IDC, who say that revenues from cloud innovation could reach $1.1 trillion by 2015. The res ...   read more

Datacenter Technologies Academy Conference

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The annual Datacenter Technologies Academy conference is to be held in London tomorrow and will bring together leading market suppliers in order to deliver a series of talks on the latest IT solutions. Now in its fifth year in the UK capital, the conference will run educational sessions including some from SNIA Europe as well as customer case studies from some of the leading organisations in the industry. Various topics will be covered on "key technologies” including virtualizat ...   read more

EC release Cloud Strategy for Europe

Section: News
The European Commission (EC) has released "Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe” as part of its ongoing Digital Agenda. The strategy is designed to help drive business in Europe with the help of cloud computing. It’s hoped that the strategy will "deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of EUR 160 billion,” by 2020 as it w ...   read more

EU Cloud Strategy to be presented at Cloud Computing World Forum

Section: News
The European cloud strategy is to be presented by European Commissioner Megan Richards at this year’s Cloud Computing World Forum, which will be held at Earl’s Court, London on 12th and 13th June 2012. It’s thought that the Commissioner will present the findings of its Digital Agenda for Europe consultations at the conference, which sees many of the big players in technology come together. Ms Richards will talk on day two of the forum and will present key findings f ...   read more

Gartner Predict Public Cloud to Grow 18.5% this Year

Section: News
A new study from Gartner has predicted that the public cloud industry will continue to grow this year at a rate of 18.5%, reaching a total of $131bn globally. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will continue to show the strongest growth and it’s expected that these should reach growth of 47.3% in 2013 reaching a total of $9bn. IaaS includes services such as cloud compute, storage and print solutions. Cloud advertising remains the biggest cloud sector, accounting for 48 ...   read more

Interoute’s Matthew Finnie Talks Apps at Cloud Expo Europe

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Interoute’s Matthew Finnie is due to give a talk this afternoon at this year’s Cloud Expo Europe, being held at the National Hall Olympia, London today and tomorrow. He is to give a talk at 13.50 pm entitled "The rise of the Enterprise App Store – will the Enterprise App Store change the way we purchase technology forever?” Finnie will ...   read more

Italian OU Launches E-Learning in Interoute Cloud

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The first Italian Open University has launched a project designed to offer cloud-based e-learning. Marconi University says that the use of the cloud will move away from a colocation facility and this has come about as a means to improve the reliability of its digital learning resources. It’s also intended to help save on the cost of running an e-learning platform and improve the infrastructure of the platform, which was previously managed by a third party with servers and storag ...   read more

Microsoft and Oracle Join Forces to Edge Out Rivals

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Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Windows Azure, will support Oracle Corp. software on its platforms, including Java tools, as the two companies join forces to attract businesses moving their software online. Businesses using Azure will be able to run Oracle’s widely used database software, application-connecting middleware and Java programming tools, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer and Oracle co-President Mark Hurd said in a statement. read more

Over 70% CIOs Confirm Cloud Computing Benefits for UK Business

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In the course of a few years, the term “cloud computing” has become a part of the everyday language of business in the UK.  Cloud hosting and virtualisation were among the top priorities of CIOs in 2011, and it is anticipated that this will remain true for 2012 as well.  According to John Thornhill, the CEO of BT Engage, “companies are now using these technologies in earnest”.  Mr Thornhill pointed to productivity gains, cost savings and improved customer service as be ...   read more

SaaS Security Provisions Inadequate, say Gartner

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A new report from analysts at research house Gartner says that commercial cloud buyers, especially those purchasing SaaS solutions, are finding "security provisions inadequate”. This is for the most part due to "ambiguous terms regarding the maintenance of data confidentiality, data integrity and recovery after a data loss incident” in SaaS contracts. This makes it more difficult to manage risk and defend themselves when it comes to auditors and regulators, as users report thei ...   read more

Server Chips Could Bring down Cost of Cloud

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New research has found that cloud computing bills could be cut as much as 30%, depending on what kind of chip is used in data centre servers. Researchers in Germany and Finland found that some server clusters are 40% faster than others depending on what kind of processor the servers run on. The analysis was carried out on Amazon’s EC2 cloud service and carried out by computer scientists. This is good news for cloud, especially since the cost benefits for cloud computin ...   read more

SMBs Provide Untapped Opportunity for IT Vendors

Section: News
SMBs have traditionally been slow to take-up IT services due to the cost involved, but this is something that is now changing, according to a recent report by the Guardian. It's thought that whilst some 10 million SMBs use technology "in any meaningful way”, this represents an approximate penetration rate of just 8%. However, with the emergence of faster broadband technologies and a more connected world, SMBs are now beginning to deploy IT services. This represents an unrivalled ...   read more

Spotify and NASA to Speak at Next Cloud World Forum

Section: News
The next Cloud World Forum, due to take place at National Hall, Olympia, London on the 26 to 27th June this year, has announced two more keynote speakers will be in attendance, representing Spotify and NASA. Now in its fifth year, the Cloud World Forum brings together cloud computing industry experts, exhibitors and professionals to discuss and ...   read more

UK2.Net Suffer Large-Scale DDoS Attack

Section: News
UK web hosting provider was hit by a large scale DDoS attack on Wednesday night and saw more than 10 million "apparently unique” IP addresses attack their DNS servers. The issue was resolved late last night but has taken longer than usual to put right as this is the largest attack of its kind ever on the web hosts.   read more