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Google Apps : Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. It was the vision of Rajen Seth, a Google employee who later on developed Chromebooks. Google Apps is free and offers the same amount of storage as regular Gmail accounts.  Google Apps for Business, which offers additional e-mail storage, is available for an annual fee per user account. Google Apps for Education, which is free, combines features from the Standard and Premier editions.  In addition to shared apps (calendar, docs, etc.), there is Google Apps Marketplace, which is an App "store" for Google Apps users. It contains various apps, both free and for a fee, which can be installed to customize the Google Apps experience for the user.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Cloud Computing: What is its Potential Value for Your Company?

Section: Research
Cloud computing’s value proposition centres on solving a dilemma almost every CIO faces: Lack of budget to truly improve a business’s competitive position in the market. The technology’s widely acclaimed benefits for small and mid-size businesses include low start-up costs, low cost for sporadic use, ease of management, scalability, device and location independence & rapid innovation. This paper will guide you through the Google Apps success stories which have h ...   read more

Apple releases surveillance information

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In the wake of the NSA leak, Apple has joined fellow technology giants in disclosing how many surveillance requests it received from the US government. On Friday, Microsoft and Facebook made similar disclosures. Apple says it has received 4000-5000 requests about its customers since December 2012, whilst Microsoft claim to have received 6000-7000 requests, affecting around 31,000 to 32,000 customer accounts. The disclosures have been made following a   read more

Discovering Start-Ups 2012 Competition Begins

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This year’s Discovering Start-Ups competition for technology entrepreneurs and Wi-Fi businesses has kicked off and interested companies are invited to enter the race to win a prize fund worth around £5000 and a free delegate ticket to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The competition is being run by Cambridge Wireless and Silicon South West and has already attracted a "wide range of entrants from all over the UK”. A full list of all the entrants so far can be found on t ...   read more

FBI Monitoring Web for Terrorist Activity

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A report from Total Telecom, one of the leading sources for global telecommunications information, has found that the FBI and other security agencies are monitoring the internet for terrorist activity. The report cites Google as the source for this, as it released figures under the Google Tran ...   read more

Gmail Adds Automatic Translator

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Google have integrated an automatic translator into Gmail, which allows users to receive and read email in any language. The new feature has been available through Google Labs since 2009 and will now be rolled out to all Gmail users over the course of the next few days. The new public version of the function will allow users to translate a message with a simple click of the ‘translate’ button, which will now appear in the message header. Google say that they have added automatic ...   read more

Google Breach UK Privacy Laws

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Google is in trouble over data collected during its Street View mapping project again, after it emerged that the search company still hasn’t deleted user data that it agreed to do in November 2010. The company came forward with the information, stating that a mistake had led to some of the information being retained. The UK’s Information Commissioner (ICO) has told the firm to hand over the data immediately, "so that [they] can subject it to forensic analysis before deciding o ...   read more

Google Faces $6bn Fine If It Fails To Settle Search Row With Rivals

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The European Commission has told Google that it must make more concessions in the pursuit of resolving a four-year antitrust probe into its alleged abuse of the internet search market. Four areas of the search engine giant’s business operations have come under scrutiny after competitors, such as Microsoft and Expedia have made claims that its domination of the online search market blocks advertisers from moving to competing platforms. Google’s links to its own services ...   read more

Google Launch Business Credit Card

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Google has launched an Adwords ‘credit card’ in the UK in a bid to get smaller businesses to spend more on their advertising campaigns with them. However, the Adwords Business Credit card doesn’t allow users to make purchases on anything other than Google Adwords, although there is no annual fee, an interest rate of 11.9% APR and "generous terms”, so that UK businesses can plan their advertising budget ...   read more

Google May Face UK Investigation

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The director-general of Privacy International has asked Scotland Yard to reopen the investigation into Google over its collection of data used in Street View. The search giants were fined $25,000 last month by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for collecting personal data from unsecured Wi-Fi connections as it compiled images for Street View between 2007 and 2010. The FCC said that Google had initially denied the claims and had repeatedly "deliberately impeded and delaye ...   read more

Google Sells Motorola to Lenova

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Google has unexpectedly sold Motorola Mobility to Lenova for $2.91bn, less than two years following its $12.5bn acquisition of the US mobile phone company. Lenova, a Chinese technology manufacturer, plans to use the purchase to boost its own smartphone business. Whilst Lenova, like the majority of PC manufacturers, has seen a drop in sales of computers, the company recently made the number four spot in the smartphone leaders table, according to the latest figures from IDC’s  read more

Google Target SMEs for Big Data Tools

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As even the most innovative and leading firms continue to struggle to make sense of the mass of data being collected in the modern, connected world, Google is targeting SMEs in order to get them using big data analytic tools. It’s thought that this will allow enterprises to expand and the idea is to move firms away from using tools they already have set up when it comes to business-grade analytics and big data tools. Google is hoping to change this with its lesser-known big da ...   read more

Google TV Arrives in UK

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Following its beleaguered launch in the US last October, Google TV is finally to be launched in the UK in the form of a Sony set-top box, which will set consumers back around £200. Whilst the initial US launch was fraught with problems, such as a dodgy user interface, it seems that these have now been solved before roll-out to the rest of the world. The device was showcased earlier this year at January’s CES and will be available to buy in shops from July 16 2012. However, ...   read more

Hillingdon council migrates to the cloud with Google Apps

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Hillingdon Council is hoping to slash £3 million off its budget over the next four years by migrating its office software to the cloud and adopting Google Apps for Enterprises. The local authority is set to shift to the cloud-based solution in February of next year - a move that will affect 3,500 staff.Workers will be expected to abandon Microsoft Outlook in favour of Google's Enterprise offering. However, the process is expected to take two years in total - with the migration of email a ...   read more

IT Skills Gap Still a Problem in UK

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A report from the BBC today has said that major technology firms such as Facebook and Google are still struggling to find suitable candidates for IT roles in the UK. This is no surprise as the skills gap has been present for a couple of years now, but tech firms say that positions that become available in the UK are often having to be filled by people from abroad, as they otherwise won’t be. In May, a read more

Microsoft Accuse Google of Blocking YouTube

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Microsoft has said that Google continue to carry out bad business practice, despite the scrutiny of "antitrust investigations”, as they are refusing Windows Phone owners the opportunity to use YouTube as an app on the Microsoft Platform. According to Dave Heiner read more

New OS Connects a Range of Devices

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A new open source operating system, "Webinos”, downloaded by more than 5000 developers, has been designed to provide an alternative to Apple, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla and will have the ability to connect a range of devices, such as car stereos, TVs, mobiles and even heart monitors, so that they can communicate with each other. The OS has been developed by more than 30 organisations, including the EU and has seen an investment of £11.8 million from various partners, ...   read more

Tablet Wars Hot Up

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Following the announcement from Microsoft last week that it is to bring out its own tablet computer ‘Surface’, Google has really ensured that the tablet wars are about to hot up with the introduction of its new ‘Nexus’ tablet, announced at the I/O developer conference yesterday in San Francisco. The Nexus 7 is Google’s first entry into what is becoming an ultra-competitive tablet market (or soon will be), although there are a number of Android-based tablets available which have ...   read more

UN Net Meeting Hacked

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A meeting held on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the future of the internet was interrupted by hackers, who managed to knock some of the ITU’s websites offline. The UN's World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) meeting, currently ongoing in Dubai, is discussing the possibility of moving some of the control over the internet to move some of the power away from the US. The proposed changes to the International Telecommunications Regulation (ITR) would ...   read more

Windows 8 Reaches 20,000 Apps

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Windows 8 has finally reached 20,000 apps in its store, the majority of them free; however, reports suggest that the new OS from Microsoft is struggling to make the same impact than previous versions of Windows, especially W7. A survey of UK internet users has found that only 39% are intending to upgrade to the latest version, which has already come in for some criticism. The study found that out of 2000 adult web users find W7 a clearer favourite than the new version, with dou ...   read more