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Dynamic Data Centre

Dynamic Data Centre: Dynamic Infrastructure is an information technology paradigm concerning the design of data centers so that the underlying hardware and software can respond dynamically to changing levels of demand in more fundamental and efficient ways than before. The paradigm is also known as Infrastructure 2.0 and Next Generation Data Center.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Building a Reliable and Dynamic Data Centre

Section: Research
Today’s demands on the data centre have created an environment of escalating complexity and cost. As a result the simplification of data centre management has become the mantra of every organisation. Concurrently, with the advent of the cloud, requirements for business continuity through disaster recovery and high availability are increasingly becoming business critical requirements.   As such, customers desire open software solutions that simplify IT, e ...   read more

IP Expo Tomorrow

Section: News
The IP Expo begins tomorrow at Earls Court, London and will run for two days with events and seminars surrounding a wealth of IT subjects, including virtualization and a host of keynote speakers. The only enterprise IT event to cover all subjects across IT is to include product launches and demonstrations and entry is free for those who pre-register attendance on the IP Expo website. It’s thought that the event will include ...   read more