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Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud : A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private cloud existing within a shared or public cloud (i.e. the Intercloud).  Amazon Web Services launched Amazon Virtual Private Cloud on 2009-08-26, which allows the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service to be connected to legacy infrastructure over an IPsec virtual private network connection. Google App Engine supports similar functionality via their Secure Data Connector product which was launched on 2009-04-07.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Finding the Right Cloud Solutions for your Organisation

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If you manage technology today, you know the story: everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. Expectations are high. On any given day, it's all about service delivery. You need to provide technology-enabled services to your people whenever and wherever they need them-and you need to do it cost-effectively, securely, and quickly. This is one of the driving forces behind the rise in cloud computing. Cloud computing can provide new levels of collaboration, agility, ...   read more

Best of both worlds: Virtual privacy in the public cloud

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Enterprises looking for the benefits of cloud computing may be averse to the idea, out of concern over lack of control, compliance issues or security. Those with a transaction-based environment or which collect credit card information will be especially aware of the potential risks, no matter how remote they may be. The virtual private cloud option, a relatively new and almost unheard-of concept, often makes sense and is not as confusing as it sounds.     read more

Cloud Adoption Slowed by Security Concerns

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According to Edward Ferrara of Forrester Research, security concerns are still preventing widespread adoption of cloud, regardless of the model, whether it be SaaS, IaaS or PaaS. However, in response, cloud providers are tightening security controls in order to attract more buyers, many of whom show a very strong interest in the deployment of private cloud. This is due to the "elasticity, reduced cost and cycle times required to deploy solutions in [private cloud] envi ...   read more

Gartner Study 'Hype Cycle' for Cloud Results

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Gartner has warned that "enterprises are far from abandoning their on-premise models and applications entirely for the cloud”. This follows the analysis of the Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing 2012 study which shows that companies are looking to cloud and focusing on a specific strategy for deployment. These companies are most like to be the ones that gain the best results from their cloud strategy. Gar ...   read more

It’s Official: Cloud Now Considered ‘Normal’

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According to a recent review by Larry Freeman of ComputerWorld, cloud computing is now considered a ‘normal’ part of life when it comes to technology products in the workplace and indeed, even amongst consumers. Whilst many have scorned the term ‘the cloud’ and called it nothing more than a buzzword for a service that has actually existed for many years, accor ...   read more

PaaS to Move Towards Specialisation in 2012

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There is no denying that 2011 was boom time for ‘Platform-as-a-service’ (Paas), as the industry saw new Paas products debut through the year. Additionally, it was also the year acquired Paas industry-leader Heroku in a US$250million deal indicating the maturing of the segment with the industry.   The surge in growth of PaaS appears to be the innovative, hot features in management, administration and introduction of multiple languages. Examples ...   read more

Spotify and NASA to Speak at Next Cloud World Forum

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The next Cloud World Forum, due to take place at National Hall, Olympia, London on the 26 to 27th June this year, has announced two more keynote speakers will be in attendance, representing Spotify and NASA. Now in its fifth year, the Cloud World Forum brings together cloud computing industry experts, exhibitors and professionals to discuss and ...   read more