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Content Sharing

Content Sharing: Content sharing can be defined as the sharing of all content which includes information, photographs, music and videos. There are many sites that facilitate the sharing of photo, video and audio content and they are seriously popular amongst Internet users. Examples of content sharing sites include: YouTube, Zoopy, Zooomr, Flukiest, Photobucket and Flickr. (Source: Quirk eMarketing)

Digital Ownership: why you don't own the content you buy

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In this ever-increasing age of digital content, much is bandied around about Intellectual Property, with the prime concern being that of illegally downloaded content; but what about paid-for digital content? Recent reports that US actor Bruce Willis is taking Apple to court over his ‘ownership’ of his extensive music collection, which he allegedly wanted to bequeath to his kids when he died, have been disproven. The Die Hard star has no such intentions, according to tweets from h ...   read more

ACTA May Never See Light of Day

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Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, has all but confirmed that the controversial anti-piracy bill ACTA may never see the light of day, and is unlikely to be passed as law. Kroes was speaking at Friday's Digital Agenda Internet Freedom Re:publica conference "The European public on the Net” in Berlin. In her speech, she outlined the benefits of a free and open web to innovation and said that we must "recognise rights and responsibilities online – for an online ...   read more

Clegg Opposes ‘Snooping’ Bill

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Nick Clegg has said that the draft Communications Data Bill, which gives the authorities the right to monitor net users email and internet use, needs a "fundamental rethink”. Whilst many of the changes have been agreed, a number of MPs have criticised the ‘scope’ read more

Digital Economy Act Delayed

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The UK’s Digital Economy Act has been delayed again due to "legal challenges” and it’s now thought that the act won’t come into play until 2014. The hold-up is good news for ISPs who can now breathe easy for a little while longer, before being forced to send out warning letters to their customers, that’s if the controversial act ever fully materialises. The act was originally rushed through and passed by the Labour government in 2010, just before they left power. Since then concer ...   read more

ISPs Split over Open Code of Practice

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Leading ISPs have refused to sign Ofcom’s new ‘net neutrality’ code of conduct which is designed to prevent ISPs from blocking or restricting consumer access to content "unless there was a reason to deploy reasonable traffic management practices.” Virgin Media and Vodafone both refused to sign the code citing it as either too vague or impractical; Everything Everywhere also took the decision to opt out of the agreement. However, ten ISPs including BT, O2 and TalkTalk a ...   read more

Ofcom Release Anti-Piracy Code

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Ofcom has published a draft code which will require ISPs to inform consumers if it’s suspected that their internet connection is being used for illegal downloads. The new measures are a part of the on-going Digital Economy Act 2010 and will allow customers to appeal against any possible action taken, but it will cost them £20 to do so. Ofcom say that the new code is intended to encourage internet users to "downloa ...   read more

Polycom and Microsoft extend partnership

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Video conferencing specialist Polycom has extended its partnership with software giant Microsoft in a deal that will see the latter's Lync software integrated into Polycom VoIP phones. The move is part of the pair's desire to boost video conferencing outside the boardroom.The focus wi ...   read more

Spotify and NASA to Speak at Next Cloud World Forum

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The next Cloud World Forum, due to take place at National Hall, Olympia, London on the 26 to 27th June this year, has announced two more keynote speakers will be in attendance, representing Spotify and NASA. Now in its fifth year, the Cloud World Forum brings together cloud computing industry experts, exhibitors and professionals to discuss and ...   read more

UK Courts Order ISPs to Block Pirate Bay

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The high court has ruled that 5 UK ISPs must block customer access to file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. Internet service providers Sky, Everything Everywhere, O2, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have all been ordered to prevent users accessing the site but BT has asked for a few more weeks to "consider their position”. "Blocking the Pirate Bay is pointless and dangerous. It will fuel calls for further, wider and even more drastic calls for Internet censorship of many kinds, from porno ...   read more

UK Government Suggest Using Copyrighted Material Without Permission

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A modification to one of three Statutory Instruments (SI) in UK copyright law has suggested that photographer’s images should be allowed to be used in certain cases without the need to ask the creator for permission. According to The Register   read more