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Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure: Converged infrastructure packages multiple information technology (IT) components into a single, optimized computing solution. Components of a converged infrastructure solution include servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software for IT infrastructure management, automation and orchestration.  Converged infrastructure is used by IT organizations to centralize the management of IT resources, consolidate systems, increase resource utilization rates, and lower costs. These objectives are enabled by the creation of pools of computers, storage and networking resources that can be shared by multiple applications and managed in a collective manner using policy driven processes. IT vendors and industry analysts use various terms to describe the concept of a converged infrastructure. These include converged system, unified computing, fabric-based computing, and dynamic infrastructure.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Building a Reliable and Dynamic Data Centre

Section: Research
Today’s demands on the data centre have created an environment of escalating complexity and cost. As a result the simplification of data centre management has become the mantra of every organisation. Concurrently, with the advent of the cloud, requirements for business continuity through disaster recovery and high availability are increasingly becoming business critical requirements.   As such, customers desire open software solutions that simplify IT, e ...   read more

The Case for Converged Infrastructure

Section: Research
The natural evolution of virtualization and server management has led to what industry experts call converged infrastructure (CI). Forrester defines it as: "…a pooled and virtualized combination of servers, edge networking, and storage, with built-in virtualization abstractions for the physical layer of infrastructure (not to be confused with hypervisor-type virtual machines) and integrated management. CI implies the ability to pool resources, ...   read more

Better Together - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployment with Egenera

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The rewards of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment naturally start with, from the point of view of the end user, increased mobility between, better access to information, and more flexibility in access device type (PC’s, notebooks, Mac, Smartphones and Tablets).  From the perspective of IT, VDI promises reduced costs thus boosting the bottom line and making IT look like heroes.   This is the nirvana of virtually every corporation in the world. And while the b ...   read more

Converged Infrastructure Perception Doesn’t Match Reality

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Disruptive technologies like converged infrastructure (CI) tend to deliver two things: The reality of dramatic and positive changes to the business model, and an extraordinary amount of hype and misunderstanding. First the reality—converged infrastructure is indeed a game-changer, and succeeds in achieving high levels of energy efficiency, superior manageability, and lower cap-ex as a result of increased density and a smaller footprint requirement. Any enterprise planning a major infrastructure ...   read more

Ensuring SLA compliance and disaster recovery in the cloud

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A strategic move to the cloud is often driven by two or three key considerations, most often, these include the ability to reduce capital expense and establish more predictable operating expense, and establishing a more scalable and more easily manageable infrastructure.    Whilst a company’s first foray into the cloud is likely to be proof-of-concept applications that are less mission-critical, more companies are finding it advantageous to strategically ...   read more

FlexPod: The shared infrastructure solution devised by Cisco, NetApp and VMware

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Cisco and NetApp have announced plans to accelerate the market momentum of the FlexPod converged infrastructure solution. FlexPod has now been taken up by 1,000 customers globally and the adoption rate has grown by around 400 percent in the nine months to April. In late 2010 Cisco, NetApp and VMware teamed up to create Fle ...   read more

Is your IT budget innovating, or just keeping the lights on?

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Purveyors of information technology, particularly nimble start-ups created by still-idealistic innovators and entrepreneurs, tell us that their new inventions hold great promise for changing the way we do things.   Although that message typically comes from their PR consultants, it nonetheless rings true, and many technological innovations such as cloud computing, virtualisation, and converged infrastructure models do indeed bring about disruptive chang ...   read more

Datacenter Technologies Academy Conference

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The annual Datacenter Technologies Academy conference is to be held in London tomorrow and will bring together leading market suppliers in order to deliver a series of talks on the latest IT solutions. Now in its fifth year in the UK capital, the conference will run educational sessions including some from SNIA Europe as well as customer case studies from some of the leading organisations in the industry. Various topics will be covered on "key technologies” including virtualizat ...   read more

Fujitsu and Egenera Agree Reseller Deal for PAN Manager

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Companies join forces to modernise data centres with converged infrastructure. Leading converged infrastructure provider Egenera has teamed up with Fujitsu Technology Solutions who will resell and support Egenera's PAN Manager on the Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 blade server platform. The agreement is intended to offer businesses an improved, more cost-effective infrastructure solution, wh ...   read more

HP vies to cut energy consumption and cost of servers

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is vying to reduce the carbon footprint, complexity and cost of its enterprise server technology by encouraging firms to adopt converged infrastructure - which allows for the effective sharing of resources. Dubbed Project Moonshot, the new drive to make IT infrastructure more environmentally friendly will encompass storage, networking, read more

Increased Spend on Cloud Storage in 2014

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A recent survey carried out by V3 has found that 41% of IT professionals questioned plan to spend at least the same as the previous year on cloud storage this year, with many planning to increase spending. Key drivers for the increased spending plans within the industry were found to be data growth and regulatory compliance. However, it was also found that many don’t intend to upgrade storage approaches to newer and more future proof solutions such as read more