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Managed Backup

Managed Backup: Managed data backup systems are convenient data storage solutions that enable businesses to simply and securely store all critical data while spending less capital and administration time dealing with the implementation and management of the backup system. With a managed backup system, a third party provider continuously monitors the system to ensure successful backups are completed as scheduled. ( Source: VaultLogix)

Backup Solutions for SMBs: Tape vs. the Cloud

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Tape backup has been the traditional method for routine backup and archival data storage. The decreasing price of hard disks however, has many businesses switching to disk backup or a combination of tape and disk. But local disk backups suffer from many of the same issues as tape. In addition to high hardware and administration costs, neither tape nor disk will provide disaster recovery unless they are stored off-site. Moving backups off-site increases risks in terms of security and comp ...   read more

Data Protection Basics

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This research is for those who are interested in finding out more about achieving reliable data protection with a maximum of cost efficiency. The research is independently authored by Freeform Dynamics and sponsored by Fujitsu, covering the following topics: -  Data protection: Why aren’t we there yet? -  Why should you be thinking about data protection? -  Mapping out the requirements -  Data protection technology
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Greater London authority issues Business Continuity Advice in time for London Olympics

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In a recent publication, the Greater London Authority (GLA) issued a brief guide for organisations to help maintain business continuity despite disasters or major disruptions. This provides a timely reminder to all businesses that may be affected by the impact of the London Olympics this summer. The GLA, in the publication defines Business Continuity Management as “the process of planning to ensure that your business can return to business as usual “as quickly and painl ...   read more

Service Providers Will Play Crucial Role in Digital Era

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According to Gartner, Inc., more and more opportunities are opening up for service providers which means that they should begin to align their business structures and capabilities in order to thrive in the digital era. Those businesses which don’t prepare to help organisations with the innovations necessary to transform into a digital company will lost market share, the analysts say. The research house predicts that by 2017, 60% of Global 1000 organisations will "execute on a ...   read more

UK Doyenz Shut Down rCloud

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The UK branch of disaster recovery Doyenz rCloud was shut down suddenly at the end of last week and will no longer be providing or supporting the service in the UK, although client data will be accessible up until the end of this month. Blue Solutions, UK distributer for the rCloud service say that all UK clients and MSPs have been directly mailed to advise them of the move. The removal of the cloud-based back and recovery service is "surprising and disappointing,” Blue Soluti ...   read more

What Your Competitors Would Rather You Didn't Know About Managed Hosting

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Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are increasingly moving their IT hosting off-site to professional data centre facilities. Motivated by benefits that include reduced business risk and lower costs, those who have sought greater security and performance from a trusted third party aren’t generally broadcasting this migration to their competitors.   This white paper discusses what your competitors would rather you didn't know about managed hosting and cov ...   read more