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Data Sharing

Data Sharing : The ability to share the same data resource with multiple applications or users. It implies that the data are stored in one or more servers in the network and that there is some software locking mechanism that prevents the same set of data from being changed by two people at the same time. Data sharing is a primary feature of a database management system (DBMS). (Source:

Digital Ownership: why you don't own the content you buy

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In this ever-increasing age of digital content, much is bandied around about Intellectual Property, with the prime concern being that of illegally downloaded content; but what about paid-for digital content? Recent reports that US actor Bruce Willis is taking Apple to court over his ‘ownership’ of his extensive music collection, which he allegedly wanted to bequeath to his kids when he died, have been disproven. The Die Hard star has no such intentions, according to tweets from h ...   read more

Adobe Creative Cloud ‘Broken’

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Adobe has suspended the file-syncing part of their new Creative Cloud products, in order to make updates following complaints from users who have been unable to connect intermittently over the course of the past week. According to The Register , Adobe report that the problem has been going on since la ...   read more

Consumer Shouldn’t Have to Opt Out in Data Protection Reform

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Proposed changes to the EU data protection laws could mean that websites who gain user consent with pre-filled tick boxes will not be deemed to have legally obtained consent. Jan-Phillip Albrecht, a rapporteur for the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Justice and Home Affairs Committee on the proposed EU data protection reforms, said in a report that consumers should not have to ‘opt out’ when visiting websites that have automatically filled in tick boxes to obtain consent ...   read more

Digital Sales Surpass £1bn in 2012

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The digital sales market surpassed one billion pounds in the UK last year for the first time and is expected to grow further this year as physical sales of film, music and games will continue to fall, according to analysts. The Entertainment Retailer’s Association (ERA), th ...   read more

DRM Doesn’t Stop Piracy, Tor Books Find

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A little over a year ago, sci-fi imprint Tor Books made the decision to do away with DRM (Digital Rights Management) on all of its UK and US ebook listings. A year on and the publishers have revealed that in that time, there has been little or no discernable increase in piracy for its titles. The decision was made to do away with DRM as the company felt that their particular readership was being hampered by the inability to move books from one device to another. Accord ...   read more

Multi-device data access 'is main reason for cloud adoption'

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The growing demand for multi-device access to data is the main reason that firms are adopting cloud computing. According to new research conducted by TNS on behalf of CSC, a third of IT decision makers are pushing the technology for that very reason.According to the firm, cloud adoption also helps businesses sav ...   read more

Single set of cloud security guidelines unlikely

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A single set of cloud security guidelines for businesses in the UK is unlikely to be created and instead an accreditation process is likely to be put in place for firms offering the IT infrastructure solution. According to the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance - also known as the CESG - while a number of read more

UK government's cloud strategy 'will be challenging'

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The UK government's G-Cloud will present a number of difficult challenges and Whitehall will have to work hard to extract the biggest cost savings it can from its cloud computing strategy. Leading IT infrastructure analyst Accenture claims that ministers need to convince Whitehall that IT is a commodity and not simply a custom-built service. Placeholder0According to the research expert, government departments will have to work together closely if the overarching goals of the G-Clo ...   read more

Unified storage 'to grow alongside cloud computing'

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The use of unified storage solutions will increase as cloud computing infrastructure becomes the norm - allowing for converged, dynamic and virtualised data hosting. Greg Schulz, founder of, claimed that cloud computing is a major factor affecting the data storage market at th ...   read more