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Cloud Model

Cloud Model: The term cloud model can refer to the style of computing called cloud computing. This meant that each entity had its own computers, possibly its own server, its own software, its own information technology team and security specialists or relied on an Internet Service Provider (ISP), for some small number of these services. The cloud model looks to virtualized resources that are - as much as possible - provided over the Internet. (Source:

Life After Cloud Computing

Section: Research
This research looks ahead of the latest IT industry developments of cloud computing and how a variety of cloud deployment models can be considered when looking at how best to fulfil a particular requirement.   The research also considers if cloud computing could be a more service-centric approach, brought about by the challenging of IT’s historical obsession with technology, and enabled by more choice and flexibility. ...   read more

Contracting Cloud Services - A Guide to Best Practice

Section: Research
Many similes and metaphors have been used to describe Cloud Services ranging from ‘elastic supply’ to ‘a form of outsourcing’. The challenge in entering any supply contract though is to define and embody in plain words a common understanding, set of expectations and requirements between (normally) two parties committing to a supplier-customer relationship. As with all new markets, there are entrants who are credible, well intentioned, capable an ...   read more

Finding the Right Cloud Solutions for your Organisation

Section: Research
If you manage technology today, you know the story: everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. Expectations are high. On any given day, it's all about service delivery. You need to provide technology-enabled services to your people whenever and wherever they need them-and you need to do it cost-effectively, securely, and quickly. This is one of the driving forces behind the rise in cloud computing. Cloud computing can provide new levels of collaboration, agility, ...   read more

Opportunities for the Cloud in the Enterprise

Section: Research
Cloud computing represents the next evolutionary step toward elastic IT.  It promises to transform the way your IT infrastructure is constituted and managed, through consumable services for infrastructure, platform, and applications. The big picture is to convert your IT infrastructure from a "factory” into a "supply chain”. But there are a number of concerns with adopting this model, most notably around maturity levels, security and compliance, performance and reliability, ...   read more

Adopting the Cloud: Addressing Management Concerns

Section: Articles
Members of management often have concerns when faced with the adoption of a cloud computing model for their business.  Many times this is the result of a lack of understanding of the cloud, and this can morph into active resistance if it is not addressed promptly and with facts that address those concerns.  Two central issues arise when most migrations to the cloud are being planned:  Financial considerations and security.  &nbs ...   read more

The Case for Virtual Data Centres

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In an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) scenario,  the  cloud-based  service being provided will include virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers. Physically the pool of hardware resource is pulled  from  a  multitude  of  servers  and  networks  usually distributed across numerous data centres, all of which the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining. Th ...   read more

The Cloud Computing Model – A Lifeline for Business in Challenging Times

Section: Articles
The language of IT backup, security, disaster preparedness and business continuity can be confusing. Having a network backup procedure in place doesn't necessarily mean you also have a disaster plan, and having a disaster plan doesn't mean you also have a business continuity plan. In short, the disaster plan outlines what to do when disaster strikes, the business continuity plan outlines how to keep things moving in the aftermath. As any CIO who has been through a fire, ...   read more

The possibilities of Hadoop for Big Data

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 Video by informatica ...   read more

By 2014, 90 percent of organisations will support corporate applications on BYOD, Garther predicts

Section: News
According to Gartner, the use of mobile devices for consuming work-related video continues to rise, putting more pressure on enterprises to support and manage BYOD schemes. It’s thought that by around 2015, a minimum of 60% of information employees will use a mobile device for work purposes. "Developing and supporting new content management applications and uses is a daunting task for enterprises, which justifiably fear dissatisfaction and low adoption," read more

Cloud Computing Event for Business Leaders

Section: News
The Cloud Circle Forum (CCF) are to hold an event next Thursday July 5th, for business leaders, designed to help them get to grips with the latest happenings in cloud computing. The event will focus on "the implications of cloud computing for value creation, innovation and competitive advantage”. The event will take place at the America Square Conference Centre in London and runs from 08:20am to 17:45pm. According to the event information, recent research has from analysts IDC h ...   read more

Cloud computing risk factors Part 2: The bogeymen continue

Section: Articles
Cloud computing risk factors, both real and imagined, continue to lurk around every corner. But rather than running in the opposite direction as fast as one possibly can, the more appropriate response is to acknowledge that there are risk factors in the cloud, as there are with any other business computing model; to weigh those risks against potential rewards, and to exercise due diligence and best practices in mitigating those risks.     &n ...   read more

Cloud Moves ‘Beyond the Hype’

Section: News
Cloud computing has now moved "beyond the hype” and is beginning to become one of the most important factors to the modern enterprise, according to a number of reliable sources such as Gartner. The research house itself predicts that most of new spending in IT will be on cloud technologies by 2016 and that around half of all large enterprises will have cloud deployed by 2017. Gartner also forecast that global spending will reach $47.4bn in 2013 when it comes to public cloud spending ...   read more

Cloud will Account for 8% of Tech Spend

Section: News
A new report has found that cloud technology will experience a surge in popularity between now and 2020, growing from the current spend of around $20bn to almost $150bn. This, according to the report, means that cloud will account for 8% of all technology spend. "Cloud computing is at the intersection of two very powerful trends that have been playing out for some time: greater use of ...   read more

Datacenter Technologies Academy Conference

Section: News
The annual Datacenter Technologies Academy conference is to be held in London tomorrow and will bring together leading market suppliers in order to deliver a series of talks on the latest IT solutions. Now in its fifth year in the UK capital, the conference will run educational sessions including some from SNIA Europe as well as customer case studies from some of the leading organisations in the industry. Various topics will be covered on "key technologies” including virtualizat ...   read more

Deploying Cloud in the Enterprise

Section: Articles
 The risks and rewards of the cloud have long been analysed, and cloud has moved beyond the "proof of concept" stage to become a viable business model within the enterprise. But as a business model, cloud is disruptive. It changes key processes, alters strategi ...   read more

EU Cloud Strategy to be presented at Cloud Computing World Forum

Section: News
The European cloud strategy is to be presented by European Commissioner Megan Richards at this year’s Cloud Computing World Forum, which will be held at Earl’s Court, London on 12th and 13th June 2012. It’s thought that the Commissioner will present the findings of its Digital Agenda for Europe consultations at the conference, which sees many of the big players in technology come together. Ms Richards will talk on day two of the forum and will present key findings f ...   read more

Gartner Predict Public Cloud to Grow 18.5% this Year

Section: News
A new study from Gartner has predicted that the public cloud industry will continue to grow this year at a rate of 18.5%, reaching a total of $131bn globally. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will continue to show the strongest growth and it’s expected that these should reach growth of 47.3% in 2013 reaching a total of $9bn. IaaS includes services such as cloud compute, storage and print solutions. Cloud advertising remains the biggest cloud sector, accounting for 48 ...   read more

IBM will need to 'drastically alter cloud outsourcing model'

Section: News
IBM's new chief executive officer Virginia Rometty has a huge task ahead of her overhauling the company's IT outsourcing model as it shifts towards a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model. Speaking at the Best of Breed conference in California at the start of this week, vice president of outsourcing and offshore services ...   read more

Microsoft Announce Cloud Readiness Tool

Section: News
Microsoft has announced a new tool designed to help IT professionals test their enterprise’s readiness for deployment to the cloud. The Cloud Security Readiness Tool is a free resource targeting SMEs to help them to assess security as it emerged that a recent Microsoft survey found that companies who have already adopted cloud have found it to be better secure than on-site solutions. Howe ...   read more

Microsoft Spruces up .Net for the Cloud

Section: News
This year’s TechEd 2014 conference has put the minds of many developers at rest as Microsoft has announced that .Net will continue playing a role. The software company announced that the technology will be "spruced up” to reflect the modern web and will be aimed at server-side applications and the cloud. The announcement was made on Monday at the conference   read more

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