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HaaS: The renting of machinery and equipment rather than purchasing the devices. Contrast with "software as a service". (Source:

5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Infrastructure-as-a-Service

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is at the core of the cloud, making up its most powerful and complex layer. It’s no wonder then that most cloud spending today is being distributed in the IaaS arena, where Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) are offering IT managers access to services that look and act like real physical servers. Rather than spend on the costly maintenance of legacy servers, IT managers can now repurpose development time towards revenue-generating applications through the c ...   read more

Guardian adopts Chromebook cloud computing

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The Guardian News & Media group has adopted 12 Google Chromebooks as it trials cloud computing among its staff on a hardware-as-a-service model. The devices have been issued to editorial staff - including journalists - as a means of accessing and filing news stories through the Google Apps cloud computing environment, reports Computer Weekly. Placeholder0At the core of the Chromebook experience is Gmail and Google Docs, which will allow for remote working on any number of d ...   read more