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Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine: A virtual machine (VM) is a "completely isolated guest operating system installation within your normal host operating system". Modern virtual machines are implemented with either software emulation or hardware virtualization or (in the most cases) both together. (Source: Wikipedia)

Cisco predicts huge growth in cloud computing traffic

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Cisco has predicted a huge growth in cloud computing in the coming years, with traffic tripling between 2010 and 2015. According to the firm's Global Cloud Index (2010-15) report, the amount of data being shifted to and from cloud systems will rise 12-fold and the total amount transmitted during 2015 is expected to reach 1.6 trillion gigabytes.In its report the firm said that the majority of data being shifted around the cloud will be hidden from end users - during processes like   read more

Efficiency and flexibility push businesses toward virtualization

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A third of business managers polled by PC World have claimed that most of their servers are running on virtual machines - showing that adoption of virtualization is on the rise. The survey also showed that virtualization appears to be maturing, but there are still big gaps in uptake. Placeholder0According to the poll, 26 per cent of those surveyed claimed that they are not using virtualization at all. However, of the third that are using the IT solution, 85 per cent have claime ...   read more

Evolution of Desktop Service Delivery

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This guide provides a practical decision-making framework for IT decision makers to assess the client computing needs of their own organisation.  It covers how best to manage and deliver desktop services whilst ensuring the needs of business users are met and risk to the business is minimised. If you are pro-actively developing a client computing strategy, or you simply feel it is time to review what is available and need help in getting your thoughts straight, then ...   read more

New Malware Hits Windows, Mac OSX & VMware

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A new form of malware has been discovered that infects Mac OSX, Windows and VMware. The infection was first reported last month as malware for Mac which the makers of Norton, Symantec, dubbed OSX.Crisis. It seems that following this initial discovery, Kaspersky found that the infection arrives via a JAR file and is also designed to infect Windows-based machines. It appears ...   read more

Polycom brings video conferencing to tablets

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Video conferencing expert Polycom has dipped its toe into the tablet marketplace as business communications solutions go increasingly mobile. The move comes as analysts predict huge growth in the unified communications marketplace. Placeholder0Speaking to Information Week, Polycom's vice president of mobility and business development Surendra Arora said video conferencing was rapidly being integrated into a wider unified communications framework that covered everything from ...   read more

VMware Fixes Upgrade Bug

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Over the weekend leading virtualisation firm VMware warned its vSphere Replication 5.1 users not to install the newly released v5.5 and to check that automatic upgrades are disabled. It seems that installing the update in a 5.1 environment could lead to irreversible damage to user replications, meaning that all replications would have to be recreated "from scratch”. The software is just one module that makes up VMware’s vSphere hypervisor, the company’s leading virtualisation pr ...   read more