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Mobile virtualization

Mobile virtualization: Mobile virtualization is a technology that enables multiple operating systems or virtual machines to run simultaneously on a mobile phone or connected wireless device. It uses a hypervisor to create secure separation between the underlying hardware and the software that runs on top of it. Virtualization technology has been used widely for many years in other fields such as data servers (storage virtualization) and personal computers (desktop virtualization). (Source: Wikipedia)

Is VMware still the best choice for virtualisation solutions?

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The move to virtualisation is all but inevitable, and there is very little question as to why. The benefits are incontrovertible, and the maturity of the virtualisation software available has moved virtualisation out of the realm of the test bed and into the realm of "have to have it.” It may be true that some companies are reluctant to switch over to a virtualised environment if they already have an existing system in place and substantial capital sunk into a data centre, it is much more ...   read more

Virtualisation turns to open source for cost advantage and extensibility

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Virtualisation has become a de facto standard in larger data centres, particularly as they seek benefits such as greater processing agility and resource management. The cost factor, of course, weighs heavily in the decision—but whilst the long-term costs are favourable, in the short-term, it can be difficult due to a potentially high cost of adoption and the presence of existing --- and potentially not fully amortised --- data centre hardware. Overcoming ...   read more

Google Sells Motorola to Lenova

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Google has unexpectedly sold Motorola Mobility to Lenova for $2.91bn, less than two years following its $12.5bn acquisition of the US mobile phone company. Lenova, a Chinese technology manufacturer, plans to use the purchase to boost its own smartphone business. Whilst Lenova, like the majority of PC manufacturers, has seen a drop in sales of computers, the company recently made the number four spot in the smartphone leaders table, according to the latest figures from IDC’s  read more

Ofcom Reveals UK Online Shoppers are World Leaders

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Consumers in the UK are ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to online shopping, an Ofcom survey has revealed. This has been driven in part by the smartphone and tablet explosion which sees consumers shopping wherever they are. The report also showed that the UK is embracing connected TV devices with the latest technology, ahead of Japan and the US and are at the forefront of using such new technology such as smart TVs and DVRs. Catch-up TV services are also the most p ...   read more

Red Bend works on mobile virtualization

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Software developer Red Bend is focusing its efforts on creating a mobile virtualization solution that will allow users to store multiple profiles - for both business and personal use - on a single device. The new software is a type 1 hypervisor and at the moment it is unclear which chip manufacturers would adopt the new technology - which would help to boost mobile security - reports PC World. Placeholder0Lori Sylvia, Red Bend's vice president of marketing, told the news pr ...   read more

Virtualisation and Consumerisation of IT: Lessons from IT First Movers

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What can we learn from IT leaders who have taken risks in the areas of virtualisation and consumerisation of IT? At the recent InformationWeek 500 conference held in Dana Point, California, IT first movers recently discussed the challenges of balancing risk and reward in these still-developing arenas. Here are some insights gleaned from IT leaders who were quick to move outside traditional IT comfort zones.   read more

Workforce mobility 'top of agenda at connectivity conference'

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Workforce mobility was at the top of the agenda at the recent CTIA Enterprise and Applications 2011 October conference - showing that flexible working is here to stay. According to Strategy Analytics Wireless Enterprise Stategies (SAWES), topics of particular interest were the management of workplace mobile devices  read more