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A Buyers Guide to Cloud Services

A Buyers Guide to Cloud Services

In the UK today over 50 per cent of organisations have formally utilised at least one Cloud service and satisfaction levels relating to that experience grew to an astonishing 96 per cent by the end of 2011. Furthermore, 85 per cent of IT Executives stated that they now formally considered Cloud as a viable option for delivering new IT projects within their wider IT strategy, signalling that the technical model has established a mainstream status among the profession.

What is important against this backdrop in any sourcing decision is to determine how a specific Cloud purchase or project will fall within the wider IT strategy of that organisation. The market has some way to go in terms of technical inter-operability and as such user organisations need to be clear on their data models and requirements for integration in order to be able to select and sew Cloud Services seamlessly into their IT operations.

This paper from the Cloud Industry Forum is intended to provide guidance on how to approach a ‘needs analysis’ and how to shortlist and sift prospective Cloud Service Providers in order to determine both a best fit and reduce risk in meeting an IT sourcing goal.

This guide is divided into three steps:

  • Step one:  Be clear on your needs and constraints
  • Step two: Scoping those CSP’s who are in the ball park
  • Step three: Applying the fine filter on your short list

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