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Colocation Buyers Guide

A Colocation Buyer’s Guide

What You Should Know Before Making a Colocation Decision

Colocation is a physical facilities option for your IT Infrastructure. Under a colocation scenario, your IT assets are placed in a service provider’s facility (next to or "co-located with” the assets of other organisations), giving you the ability to take advantage of shared power Infrastructure, HVAC systems, physical security and redundant architecture.
You essentially lease space for your IT assets while maintaining ownership and control of those assets. This option allows your company to expand quickly, bypassing the time it takes to design and construct a new data centre, while conserving capital.
This eBook will help you:
• Learn the benefits of a colocation solution
• Decide if you are a good fit for colocation
• Find out what executives say about ROI
• Discover questions to ask a prospective provider

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