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Compare Server Virtualization Vendors

Compare Server Virtualization Vendors

This research compares 6 major server virtualization vendors (VMWare, Microsoft, Parallels, Citrix, Oracle and Redhat) on more than 20 important criteria.

The comparison will start with generic parameters like company size, market share, etc. Then the document moves onto the core virtualization and integration features which will help identify the vendor’s relevancy to your organisation’s IT architecture and existing setup. The comparison table will then go further to compare the vendors on their pricing and support services. The document will conclude with critical analyst comments from Gartner and Forrester.

Server virtualization is proven to reduce server-related IT costs. The decision to virtualize your organisation’s server environment may be obvious; however selecting the appropriate virtualization product vendor may not be easy.
There are several virtualization vendors to choose from and some offer niche solutions very different from the mainstream. The decision maker must consider several user, application and server level needs prior to evaluating the alternatives. If you are the manager or analyst responsible for choosing the virtualization vendor that best suits your organisation’s needs, then this document will assist you.

Microsoft VMware Redhat Oracle Citrix Parallels

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