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Cloud Definitions

Cloud Definitions, Deployment Considerations & Diversity

This White Paper provides clarity on the language of Cloud Computing, offers a practical description and ordering of the key Cloud terminology in use. It also puts forward the basic, but often unspoken, argument that organisations will need to address an increasingly fragmented notion of how IT is delivered going forward. The constraints of server rooms, DMZ’s, ownership and dedicated resources are giving way to shared services, scalable infrastructure, on-demand service and consumption based OpEx costs. Consumerisation and contextualisation of technology changes the basis of expectation for IT delivery, and capability and capacity of IT assets are no longer constraints. However, the real world impact of legacy applications, regulation, levels of customisation/integration of applications etc do call into check how IT services can be deployed.

This paper does not set out to state that Cloud Computing will replace on-premise computing, far from it. It sets out to recognise that organisations need to reconsider their approach to IT strategy, that the benefits afforded from accessing aspects of IT as a Service are tangible and therefore new skills need to be honed inside organisations to define, implement, monitor and manage IT in an increasing disparate set of delivery models that will combine the best of on-premise and Cloud Computing, whether the latter is accessed via SaaS style applications or through Private or Hybrid Clouds extending the boundaries of the traditional IT infrastructure and enabling business transformation.

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